WordPress rules the blogosphere

WordPress rules the blogosphere. That for close observers not surprising fact has been proven once again: Our friends at the website monitoring service Pingdom have looked at the current list of Technorati’s top 100 blogs and analysed which software those 100 most popular blogs in the world are running on.

The clear winner: WordPress! 39 of those 100 blogs examined are using a self-hosted version of WordPress, and additional 9 chose the hosted version of WordPress at WordPress.com (which actually contains a special “VIP” self-hosted solution as well).

Half of the world's leading blogs use WordPress

So of the 100 top blogs worldwide, almost half runs on WordPress. That’s an impressive dominance for the open source blogging tool and a huge gain compared to 2009, when “only” 32 percent of the leading blogs used either the self-hosted or the hosted version of WordPress.

14 blogs among the Technorati top 100 created their own custom blogging solution, 7 use Movable Type, 6 Drupal, only 2 TypePad (compared to 16 in 2009) and at least 2 Tumblr, the up-and-coming tool for quick and easy blogging. For 8 sites, the Pingdom folks couldn’t identify the software behind, but chances are high that many of them are self-hosted as well.

Interesting stats! Thanks to Pingdom for sifting through the list, and thanks for reminding us of that Technorati actually still exists ; )

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