Why social media search matters

There are some things Twitter is just flat out better at for getting information than Google. Here are just a few: researching companies, products and services for real customer feedback, breaking news and live events/conference updates. It is not a total threat but Twitter is so superior in these areas that people will indeed make the effort to search somewhere new to get the information. I do.

We think this is a very good explanation of why it’s so useful to search in social media. And to make our point clear, this is not only true for search in microblogs but in blogs as well.. Another thing that could be added is friends, family and yourself. To search and follow the people we love and care about most is an opportunity that Google still can’t handle.

Via: Google’s First Real Threat? Twitter. Update: Robert Scoble is writing about it

4 thoughts on “Why social media search matters

  1. Bill Seaver February 12, 2009 / 4:49 am

    Thanks for linking to the post and providing additional perspective. I get what you’re saying about the “social media.” It’s a broad marketing term that can mean a specific set of tools in some cases, a mindset for approaching the web in others uses, or in the broadest sense, it means all things newish online. I find myself needing to differentiate these more clearly myself…and I’m a marketer and use the phrase regularly to mean all of these things in various circumstance.
    If you can give me something better I’ll use it gladly. I used to say “web 2.0″ then dropped if for “new media” and now say “social media” so I’m not stuck on a phrase and welcome new options.
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  2. Dennis Howlett February 12, 2009 / 5:33 am

    @bill – as I said on FF, we’re kinda stuck with it at a general level but can channel it differently for different markets if we choose.
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