Great Channels #1

Photo (CC): ptrktn

It’s friday and I thought it would be a perfect time to blog about some great Channels.

One of our users, James, blogged today about five Channels he have created that might be interesting to subscribe to for web geeks like myself. They’re all really good: Intranet, Eye tracking, Google Analytics, QR Codes and of course his own Channel Beantin. He also recommend the SEO Channel created by Simon Sundén.

Other great tech Channels I’ve found are .Net, iPad, Drupal and I also created one myself about the hyped iPad app Flipboard.

Since Twingly is a Swedish company there are a lot of Swedish Channels made by our lovely users from Sweden. Jonas have created a great Channel for Swedish gamers, jgranath is the creator of a Channel for Swede’s in France, and our own developer Hugo is the admin of a popular Channel about economy. Other Swedish Channels I recommend are film, prylar, fotobloggar and PR of Sweden.

The last Channel I recommend in this blog post is Charity 2.0, a Channel created by our friend Anders Sporring with the topic how to use social media to make the world to a better place.

Happy weekend!


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