Welcome to the Twingly family: Two new e-commerce sites and the Cathedral of Lund

We want to welcome a couple of new additions to the ever-growing family of Twingly partners:

First we have Eleven, a Swedish online store for beauty products of high quality for both women and men. They chose to implement our Twingly Blogstream solution on each product page, showing blogposts linking back and discussing the specific products. You can find an example on this page by scrolling down a bit.


Another new partner is Allt för föräldrar, a Sweden-based online shop selling a variety of products for children and their parents. The site didn’t only add the Twingly Blogstream widget to each product page, but they also embedded a list of the latest blog posts on their mainpage. If you surf to http://shop.alltforforaldrar.se and scroll down a bit, you find it in the left column (“senast bloggat”). With this solution, Allt för föräldrar doesn’t only offer additional information to its customers, but sends blogs linking to the store a potentially significant amount of traffic.

Allt för föräldrar

Last but not least we also are happy to have the Cathedral of Lund as a new Twingly partner – our first church actually.

The Cathedral’s online team decided to go with our Twingly Blogwatch widget. Unlike Blogstream, Blogwatch does highlight all blog posts mentioning specific keywords, instead of only those linking to a specific site (you can read more about Blogwatch here). In this case, the widget shows blog articles mentioning the Swedish word for “Cathedral of Lund”, “Lunds Domkyrka”, on the site’s Swedish homepage.

We are glad to have those new partners on board, in addition to all the other great websites and companies using our Twingly tools to connect with the blogosphere!

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