Welcome to #TEDxAlmedalen

Picture (CC): Powi

Almedalen Week is a yearly gathering of politicians, organisations and debaters in Visby, Gotland to share and discuss politics among many other things. This year Twingly will be part of it and Björn, Mattias and myself (Anton) will be there to mingle, speak, make sure Twingly Live works smoothly everywhere and to talk to our users. If you’re there, let’s grab a beer or coffee together – tweet us!

And since we think it’s a unique opportunity to get a lot of interesting people together for sharing thoughts, we’ll also co-host TEDxAlmedalen together with Greatness PR. The topic for the event is “How to get followers, fans and friends“. Speakers include Joakim Jardenberg, Brit Stakston, Martina Lind and Elaine Bergqvist. I’ll probably also give a short speech about personal branding.

If you’ll be in Visby Thursday July 8th from 9-12 pm, we would be very happy to meet you at the event. Make sure to confirm on the Facebook event page so that you secure for yourself one of the 100 (attractive!) available seats, or simply send me an email. You can also follow TEDxAlmedalen on Twitter and Facebook.

See you there, or in the Channel!


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