Twingly Report Sweden analyses the blogosphere

Twingly Report Sweden that is released today shows that the humorous blog is the most linked blog in Sweden. The Report also reveals some previous unknown facts about the blogosphere. The purpose of the Report is to share knowledge and generate interest in the blogosphere. The Report is available at (only in Swedish though), where you also find the data that the Report is based on.

We have analyzed how blogs are linking to each other and what they write about. We have within several categories measured the influence the blogs have and can therefore present the most influential blog in each category. Interesting to see is that current Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt does not only have great influential in political issues in Sweden, but has also the most influential political blog in the Swedish blogosphere.

We have also covered what people are blogging about and it reveals that Swedish bloggers love the spring, life and food, but hates funerals, snow and school.

Blogs have in a short while become an important medium with for instance great influence of the political scene. Up until now there hasn’t been that much knowledge available about the blogosphere. But with our blog search engine Twingly we can basically extract any kind of data from the blogosphere. What would you like to know about your blogosphere?

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