Twingly launches to give an overview of the social media monitoring market

Today we launch the wiki (in Swedish) to give an overview of existing social media monitoring tools.

We felt that it was quite a task to get a comprehensive overview of all the social media monitoring tools available and that there were very few places to connect companies looking for social media monitoring tools with the companies offering these.

So we thought a wiki where everyone can contribute would be the perfect solution. Now every company offering social media monitoring tools has the opportunity to publish details of their social media monitoring services on, as well are their customers able to say what they think about them.

From the start there are seven tools represented in great detail with screenshots and text explaining how these work as well as pricing. We’ve been promised that quite some more will be added in the near future. When you as a company post information, make sure you provide your potential customers with easy to understand and yet detailed information. It will enable them to get a much better initial picture of your tools before contacting you.

The amazing response we got within a short time after the launch just confirms that this was the right thing to do; so we are really glad about having kicked this one off!

Thanks to everyone who already contributed with content and helps building this platform into a success story from day one. We look forward to see developing into the new market-place and information-pool for social media tools. And big thanks to Karin Gilje, our intern who did all the hard work to make this come true!

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