Twingly and TV4+ Haunted House launches Blog Platform for Ghost Writers and Social Mediums

To allow ghosts and spirits to communicate more freely with the living, Twingly today launches a blog platform for the unrestful dead. The TV4+ show Haunted House is a partner in the project, providing the Social Mediums needed to launch the service.

Poltergeists and other spirits that can affect the physical realm via telekinesis or other means can log in themselves as long as they can push the keys of a keyboard. But these are not the majority of ghosts, according to market research. And ghosts of this kind could potentially use a common WordPress installation instead of a specialized blog platform for ghosts.

So what innovation have Twingly come up with to allow all spirits to use the blog platform, thereby reaching a broader market?

Twingly CEO Martin Källström explains:

“For ghosts that cannot take physical form we provide what we refer to as Social Mediums to write for them. The TV show Haunted House will make sure that social mediums are available at all times to take down their messages and publish them on their blogs.”

Social mediums have increased in popularity in recent years. A Google search for the phrase currently yields 108,000 results.

The ghastly blogs will also be made searchable on Twingly Blogsearch and will of course be automatically linked by partner sites using Twingly Blogstream.

Martin Källström concludes:

“We are looking forward to seeing the results from this project. Ghosts have insight far beyond our worldly realms. Combining this with the free speech of the blogosphere has a huge potential. This could be bigger than Wikileaks.

So what’s next for Twingly?

“Zombie bloggers! We are developing keyboards with huge keys that can be operated even by bloggers with very limited dexterity.”

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