Twingly is announcing planned downtime on October 23rd and 24th

To ensure that we are able to continue growing, we have made the decision to move all our production servers to a brand new co-location facility. The impressive facility is run by Phonera, a premium co-location provider in Sweden.

Service downtime
Because we’re physically moving the servers, downtime is unavoidable. We always strive for 100% up-time, and knowing that this move will help us in providing a better and more reliable service in the future, we feel that it is still worth all the effort of moving the servers.

Continuous updates
During the move we will post regular updates about the progress at Please use the status blog as your first source of information, but please get in touch with us at any time with questions or concerns.

How does it affect you?


If you’re a customer, we’ve sent an e-mail with detailed information. It’s important to be aware of how you will be affected of this, so if you’re a customer and haven’t received this information, let us know ( and we will make sure that you get the information needed.

Pinging and showing up on Twingly’s customers
During the downtime we will not be able to receive pings from you. The manual ping function on is estimated to be down for up to 24h from 8 AM local Swedish time, Saturday 23rd October. The automatic ping functionality ( will also be affected but will be back up sooner then the manual. To ensure your blog post will be indexed by us afterwards, ping us again when we’re back up. Content already indexed by us will not be affected and will be displayed as usual in the widgets. This downtime will only affect content produced during the downtime. That content will not be published on our customers sites until it is possible to ping us again.

Blog widgets
Our blog widgets and badges will be affected and will stop working during the downtime. It will not show any data, but will not affect the rest of the page where it is located. will be down from Saturday 23rd October, 8 AM local Swedish time for about 24 hours. During this time the following services will not be reachable; Twingly Channels, Twingly Blog Search, Twingly Microblog Search and Twingly Live will still be up and fully functional.

Get in touch for questions and comments
We are taking every step needed to make the move as swift and secure as possible and want to make sure that we are covering all contingencies. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

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