Twingly inaugurating world’s first federated microblog search

This is it! Today we’re launching Twingly Microblog Search.

We’ve been microblogging for a couple of years now at Twingly. Mostly at Jaiku because it’s been the service of choice for new-media-people here in Sweden but we have our own Twitter and since Twitter is becoming bigger and bigger here in Sweden, we’ve been more active there lately.

When we last summer started to see the microblogging-hype we felt that a search dedicated to microblogs would be a quite natural development for us. We like Twitter Search and been using it a lot, especially at conferences and when news like Mumbai were having the best news source at Twitter. But because we used Jaiku ourselves it wasn’t what we needed in many cases.

Today we’re proud to launch our own microblog search with both Twitter, Jaiku,, Pownce (which is sadly closed but we still have a lot of data indexed so we keeped it) and even some local microblogging platforms like the Swedish Bloggy and the German Bleeper.

It’s also therefore we call it the first federated microblog search because our goal is to indexing all microblogs from all services. If you know more microblogging services or run your own, please contact our developers so we could start index it.


To be more clear about how the search works it’s for now quite clean, we would love to hear what features you would like to have in our tech plan, but there’s some really useful tools in there already that could be nice to stated out:

  • Like every search result at, it’s possible to get a widget for it to use on your own website or blog.
  • Email-alerts so you don’t miss any important reply, retweet or comment dedicated to you or to use like a way to monitor your brands name.
  • RSS to keep you updated on what microblogs saying about you, your brand, interest or anything else straight in to your RSS-reader.
  • It’s possible to search for hashtags (#tag) and replies (@name)

More search possibilities could be found in our help-page and in a follow-up blog post.

The true behold of Twingly Microblog Search is of course for many people the possibilities to get a full overview of what’s saying about you, your brand or your interest on not only one service but on all microblogs. Why just search in one service when there’s many other services with active users, too?

Some improvements are still to come. The search is not realtime at the moment, expect about a five minute delay (sometimes more if the result page ends up in the cache). This will be remedied later on so that we can provide a true conversational search. Jaiku comments are not indexed. Bummer. We have been talking to @jyri about ways to accomplish that, hopefully it will be resolved soon. Verbs like save, retweet, reply, comment should be implemented in the search result.

Anyhow, we hope you’ll enjoy our new microblog search as much as we do. We’ll listen to you.

Update: Techcrunch post is here.

63 thoughts on “Twingly inaugurating world’s first federated microblog search

  1. bĂžrge (@forteller) January 20, 2009 / 1:43 am

    Thank you for this! I have added you to the list of apps working with Laconica and/or at

    But I’m afraid that you are not the first search engine to index a lot of different microbloggs. You already have both Tweetscan (which is not very reliable, though) and WhosTalkin?. It’s always good with more competition, though, so I very much welcome you to the scene! 🙂 And I don’t think these others have a goal of indexing every microblog out there. If you’re really going to work toward that goal I salute you! That will be a very welcome addition to the web!

    To start you off on your mission; here’s a list of microblogging services based on the open source Laconica software and here’s a list of services based on the open source OpenMicroBlogger software. You also have, Jisko, and Twoorl.

    Good luck forward! I hope this will become a part of your Twingly “pingback” service sometime soon!

  2. bĂžrge (@forteller) January 20, 2009 / 1:45 am

    (btw, if anyone’s interested:, Jisko, and Twoorl are all also open source, but they’re not based on Laconica or OpenMicroBlogger, they have their own code. :))

  3. Jesper Lind January 20, 2009 / 3:46 am

    Looking forward to FriendFeed support. Are you gonna work against the C#-API? I have some slightly improved code if you are interested.

    Also wondering, are you gonna index all the 3rd part services from Jaiku and Friendfeed? Like peoples Google reader items, bookmarks and Flickr-images?

    Will it be possible to ping Twingly your self hosted lifefeed/activity stream? I can try with mine if you like. It’s kind of noisy but it could be a good testing subject for you. Let me know if you want me to give it a try.

  4. Anton January 20, 2009 / 9:19 am

    Tack Martin! De orden vÀrmer!
    Jaikus kommentarer, Friendfeed och fler tjÀnster Àr pÄ g!
    Syns imorrn!
    This comment was originally posted on Martin Spanar!

  5. red January 20, 2009 / 10:37 am

    Hoffen wir das es nicht so endet wie im normalen Web. Google ist alles und der rest nur Nische. Ein paar Alternativen wÀren schon nicht schlecht.
    This comment was originally posted on Mit 140 Zeichen

  6. Jon January 20, 2009 / 12:14 pm

    …and the purpose of searching through twitter and other similar sites is what exactly?
    Jon – Create Unique Memories
    This comment was originally posted on VentureBeat

  7. Matt Smith January 20, 2009 / 2:12 pm

    You make a good point — it seems that an incremental summarization algorithm would make sense here. I wonder if Twitter uses any of techniques to accomplish this behind the scenes…
    Google seems to have a handle on at least trends and associations, and searcher information (but not author information), but summary information for the most current form of data (microblogging) seems much more exciting.
    This comment was originally posted on Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media

  8. Elchtest – Social Media Monitoring für Microblogging mit Twingly Suche…
    Nachdem ich gestern schon zum Thema Twitter und Tourismus einen Artikel gepostet habe, noch eine kurze Meldung hinterher. Im Kaffeehype-Aktionismus nach der Mittagspause habe ich in Rekordzeit meine RSS-Feeds im Googlereader (hier zum Thema RSS und Tou…
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  9. January 20, 2009 / 8:28 pm

    Twingly startet Microblogsuche…
    Ein Suchergebnis kann man zudem bequem als RSS-Feed abonnieren. Damit lassen sich bestimmte SchlĂŒsselwörter ĂŒber alle Microblogging-Dienste dauerhaft durchsuchen. Bedenkt man, wie sich das Microblogging im vergangenen Jahr entwickelt hat, ein wohl l…
    This comment was originally posted on Mit 140 Zeichen

  10. Kent Langley January 21, 2009 / 2:01 am

    Indeed! And I found this article because one of my custom google alert search agents picked this up in and sent me an email 36 minutes ago. That’s looks to be about 24 minutes after this was posted. Cool!
    Great stuff!
    This comment was originally posted on Web Worker Daily

  11. KTG January 21, 2009 / 2:03 am

    Brand management in this manner is a pretty cool tool. New search engines and information hubs of all different types are expanding the usability of the net. Some company called Gemalto recently launched a hub on digital security I used to protect my blackberry.
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  12. deeped January 21, 2009 / 11:02 am

    @karibien – “caucasian” Àr mer kompext Àn “white”.[Svara] :[Citera]
    This comment was originally posted on Deepedition

  13. January 21, 2009 / 12:26 pm

    Kritische Lücke in Microblogging-Suche von Twingly?…
    Microblogging war bereits in 2008 in aller Munde und es wird sich auch als Top-Thema durch das Jahr 2009 ziehen, wie es scheint. Grund dafür ist Twingly.
    Twingly startet übergreifende Microblogging-Suche.
    Die bekannte schwedische Blogsuchm…
    This comment was originally posted on Mit 140 Zeichen

  14. Linda Pierre January 21, 2009 / 5:45 pm

    Great! I have been looking for a search tool for both Twitter and Jaiku. I probably still will use TwitScoop mostly though, since it’s integrated in my TweetDeck, but if I want to search in Jaiku I don’t have to use Jaikung anymore. One less site to go 🙂

    How about The service took over a lot of users from Pownce (even got their own Pownce group). Don’t really know how many users the service has though so maybe it’s not worth it.

  15. Matty Byloos January 21, 2009 / 5:50 pm

    Pure genius. Thanks for putting the site and service together — found you through another blog and will be back often.

  16. Portland Roofer January 21, 2009 / 5:51 pm

    what a great thing! just found the site and will be entering my business’s blog soon!

  17. Hip Hop Star January 21, 2009 / 10:48 pm

    very nice! this is looking great, maybe i will use it! and i have to come here more often!

  18. SB January 22, 2009 / 8:13 am

    Welcome new, podzdravlyaem with the opening. When in Russia will be indexed? 🙂

  19. David Alston January 23, 2009 / 12:13 am

    Hey there Nathan, thanks for the coverage on our financing round, AIF and the exciting addition of Warren to the team.
    This comment was originally posted on The Net-Savvy Executive

  20. chiropractic January 24, 2009 / 5:34 am

    As coincidence would have it I was leaving the office when we had an earthquake tonight. Jumped in twitter 1st and then posted info to my site with links to gov earthquake data. Ironically, it was the only result for the quake appearing in google news, until about 45 min after event when NBC Los Angeles info appeared. By that time, hundreds were all over the conversation on twitter.
    This comment was originally posted on Search Engine Land: Must Read News About Search Marketing & Search

  21. Martin January 25, 2009 / 11:25 pm

    Japp kul att ses pÄ 24hourbc!
    This comment was originally posted on Martin Spanar!

  22. Anonymous January 28, 2009 / 10:00 pm

    Blogit joissa yleisin aihe teksteille ovat blogit ovat aika tylsiÀ, eikö totta? Kuten Pinseri.
    This comment was originally posted on Pinseri

  23. WolffsBureau February 6, 2009 / 1:46 pm

    Echtzeitsuche ist ja schön und gut, aber ich finde keine Twitter-Suchmachine, die eine Suche mit Datum und Uhrzeit bietet (Ă  la am 15.1. zwischen 8.30 und 9.30 Uhr). Bestimmt habe ich da etwas ĂŒbersehen?
    This comment was originally posted on Mit 140 Zeichen

  24. Mueritz February 7, 2009 / 11:59 am

    Nice tool, thanks for information.
    This comment was originally posted on Digg

  25. Alex June 13, 2009 / 5:48 am

    ich habe Twingly mit der Eingabe von meinem Twitter-Namen ebenfalls gerade getestet und erstaunlicherweise gab es auch schon mindestens 10 Unterseiten mit meinen Tweets oder auch wo @blogsash vorkam.
    FĂŒr die Zukunft wĂ€re es interessant eine komplette Twitter-Suche in der Google Suche so Ă€hnlich wie Google Blogsearch zu haben. Dann hĂ€tte man eine einzige SuMa fĂŒr alles Mögliche.
    Was ich noch bei Twingly gemerkt habe, dass auch die in den letzten Minuten verfasste Tweets angezeigt wurden:-)
    This comment was originally posted on Mit 140 Zeichen

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