Twingly adds 3 million news articles per day

Apart from being the leading supplier of global blog data, we have launched our News APIs with over 3 million articles per day from over 110,000 active news sources. This will give you the vastest coverage of global news available in the market today.

Whether you need monitoring of 8,400 news sources in Italy, keeping track of 33,000 articles per day from Japanese news media or cover the greatest news sources in the US, we’ve got it!

We understand that you and your clients need to be on top of the breaking news. That is why the average latency is only 8 minutes from an article being published until you can access it in the APIs.

For you to be able to compare your current coverage of news data, we have made our coverage in the major countries publicly available. Just let us know if you need any input regarding coverage in other countries.

This news data offering complements our current API services that include monitoring of over 5.4 million active blogs globally and forum data with 3 million posts per day.

If you want to try our News APIs, please just sign up on our site for an instant API key or contact us if you have any questions or thoughts.

By Pontus Edenberg

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