Twingly, a blog aggregation framework

The blogosphere is growing at an incredible pace. Figures show that at the end of 2005 there were approximatly 20 millions active blogs around the globe. At the end of the second quarter 2006 that figure had grown to 40 millions and at the end of 2006 is estimated to reach 80 millions. The number of blogs worldwide is doubling every 6 months, and has done so for three years or more.

A blog has characteristics that makes it an application of its own, right beside regular homepages and e-mail. A unique feature of a blog compared to a regular homepage is the concept of time inherent in the blogosphere architecture. A blog consists of individual posts, all of which have a timestamp. A blog is thus an ordered record of the past.

A blog is a timeline

The fact that every blog is an ordered record of thoughts and opinions makes the aggregated data of many blogs very valuable. With a large amount of data from various blogs it is possible to analyze the spread of ideas and monitor the effects of a campaign or public knowledge of a brand. Without the time axis, a statistical report is just a snapshot in time. With the concept of time, a new dimension is added to the equation.

Twingly is an aggregation of the global blogosphere into a single database. The immense power of this data will be made available to our customers through a number of applications. With sustained innovation over a long period of time we are continously improving the tools available for connecting to the blogosphere.

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