Today we’re launching Twingly Insight – blog analytics for professionals

Today we’re proud to launch our new product Twingly Insight – blog analytics for professionals, providing downloadable spreadsheets of blog data that supports you in creating your own process for analysing social media.

Twingly Insight is one of the most advanced ways to analyse the blogosphere; brands, topics, events or anything else that you want to monitor. You simply search as you would in a normal search engine and get all the search results, data and statistics in one single Microsoft Excel file.

Every report includes both, rich data on the included blog posts and top lists of most occurring blogs as well as tags, links and more. Twingly Insight serves as a basis for lots of different analysis purposes, especially for you, who are PR professionals, marketeers, media strategists, planners, political strategists, journalists and social media specialists. We hope that Twingly Insight will be a useful tool for everyone in need of a chunk of specific blog data for their projects, whichever these are.

Do you want to try out Twingly Insight? Get started right away and download your first spreadsheet in minutes from now!

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