Today is “Pay a Blogger Day” – support you favourites blogs now!

Last week we introduced you to “Pay a Blogger Day”, a commendable initiative by our friends over att Flattr which has the goal to encourage those who love to read blogs to show some support to their favourite bloggers.

Today is Pay a Blogger Day!

If you – like us at Twingly – can’t (or don’t want to) imagine an Internet without blogs, today is your chance to give something back to the millions of people publishing news, thoughts, observations and other kind of content on blogs, creating a more interesting, diverse and information-rich web.

Let’s all make sure that today, bloggers around the world will feel especially appreciated, by – for example – clicking their Flattr buttons (if you have a Flattr account), looking for a donation button and giving a little gift, buying books or merchandise promoted on their websites, or by spreading the word about Pay a Blogger Day on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

In case you wonder about which big news sites and blogs have covered Pay a Blogger Day, here is a list of selected articles encouraging readers to show their support for blogs today:

The Telegraph: ‘Pay a blogger day’ launches next week

Mashable: Pay a Blogger Day Hopes You’ll Pay for the Content You Love

GigaOm: Can ‘Pay a Blogger Day’ help Flattr gain velocity?

Articstartup: Flattr Hopes To Get ‘Pay A Blogger Day’ Rolling

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