This week’s news: Traffic boost, conscious consumption

Welcome to the new edition of “This week’s news”, a selection of links to interesting articles and news from the worlds of blogs and ecommerce.


No online retailer would say not to additional traffic. But getting it is not trivial, especially since all stores, major and smaller ones, are heavily focusing on search engine optimization. In the end, the top 10 results will always only include 10 results – even if thousands of shops trying to get in there. has compiled a handy list of 5 less conventional and less obvious ways to get more visitors to come to e-commerce sites. The article suggests to give away stuff for free to create customer loyalty which will pay off in the long run. It’s also pointing out that there are now a host of sites other than the usual search engines where shops can purchase pay per click advertisement, such as Twitter or YouTube. Two more approaches would be to host contests involving social media channels or actually purchasing traditional advertising. And last but not least, creating entertaining content can lead to a huge influx of new visitors. The best example: the “Will it blend” videos by Blendtec.



The tech scene is buzzing about a new e-commerce venture by Foodspotting co-founder Soraya Darabi. The site, called Zady, which is scheduled to launch in late August targets consumers who care about sustainability. The goal is to provide users with detailed information about where products come from, who designed/made them, about raw materials and ingredients. The plan is to have every product personally vetted by the Zady crew, in order to only sell products that pass high ethical standards.

Consumers are getting more conscious about what they buy, how products were manufactured and whether they were produced under sustainable, human and fair conditions. It might not be a bad time to jump on the “conscious consumer movement”.

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