This week’s news: Germany’s blogosphere, Andrew Mason

Welcome to the new edition of “This week’s news”, a selection of links to interesting articles and news from the worlds of blogs and e-commerce.


The German blog marketing platform rankseller has conducted a big survey among Bloggers in Germany. It managed to get responses from 2.344 bloggers to a variety of questions. It is unlcear how representative the results are, but due to the significant number of participants they for sure give a clear glimpse into the German blogosphere. Below we are listing a selection of the results:

  • 45,8 percent of the bloggers have been writing on a blog for a maximum of 3 years. That is a clear sign that blogging is growing not only in the Nordics but also in the German speaking region.
  • 71 percent earn money with their blog, but only 38,2 percent planned to from the beginning. Just recently we mentioned how an increasing number of bloggers in Sweden managed to turn their blogs into real revenue machines.
  • 51,3 percent invest less than 20 Euro per month into their blog, e.g. for hosting, themes etc.
  • 15,1 percent have a formal journalism education
  • The most common topics blogged about are “home & gardening” (7 percent), “erotic & love” (6,4 percent) and “health and nutrition” (5,6 percent).
  • 22,4 percent publish only 1 to 4 posts per month. On the other side of the scale, 11,2 percent publish more than 50 articles a month.
  • The most commons ways for bloggers to increase their visibility and reach are SEO (35,4 percent) followed by social media (35 percent).
  • 71,1 percent expect blogging to have an even bigger impact on the media landscape in the future.


You might remember Andrew Mason, the founder and former CEO of group buying platform Groupon. After having been fired from the Chicago-based company, he now has released a music album of motivational rock tracks. The Verge sums it up like this: “The result is a competent and unremarkable 80s rock record that gains a fair bit of individuality from Mason’s unusual lyrical approach”. “Hardly workin’” is available on iTunes and on-demand streaming services such as Spotify.

If you are founder/CEO of an e-commerce company you now know what your next career step could be.

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