This week’s news: Blogging success, blogging celebrity, Flipboard and more

Welcome to the new edition of “This week’s news”, a selection of links to interesting articles and news from the worlds of blogs, commerce and e-commerce.


The magical thing about blogging is: Assuming that you are a person who likes writing and who knows basic rules of orthography, grammar and of how to structure a text, you almost guaranteed can become successful wit it. The only thing that could keep you back are wrong goals, a lack of self discipline and a wrong mindset. The blogger Ryan Biddulph has compiled a good list of 11 tips that help every blogger to remove obstacles on her or his way to the top. This sounds a bit stereotypical but we think he is right: Follow set fundamentals and you will see blogging success.


Fashion blogging is big in Sweden. One of the most known bloggers is Rebecca Stella, a young woman who has worked as a model, been in charge of a Stockholm nightclub, done acting gigs, worked as a TV presenter and created her own fashion collection. And yes, let’s not forget that she blogs as well ; )., an industry publication covering the Swedish communication and media sector, has interviewed Rebecca and asked her many questions about her rapid career and her success in personal branding. (original version in Swedish, translated version)


Flipboard is a social news reader for tablets that has gained quite a big following. Users can subscribe to news sites, blogs and social media feeds and consume the content right inside the elegant app. With a new feature, Flipboard is entering the e-commerce sector by allowing users and brands to create curated catalogs containing products from all over the web. Other users who browse the catalogs can click on items they like and purchase them on respective online store. With the move, Flipboard is obviously getting a bit more similar to Pinterest


Meanwhile, Pinterest is opening up to outside developers for the first time: Partnering e-commerce sites will receive real-time data about popular items on Pinterest enabling them to generate product lists based on this data. For instance, with the new tool, major U.S. shops like or that are partners of Pinterest can get customers’ attention by promoting most popular products among the Pinterest community on their sites.