This week’s news: Successful bloggers; the future of retail

From now on every Friday we’ll post interesting news from the exciting worlds of blogs and ecommerce here on the Twingly blog – since these two fields are cornerstones of our business and many of our clients are active within online retail.


This week we stumbled upon a remarkable news piece published in Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri. The paper has done research on who runs Sweden’s biggest blogs, and it also has looked at how much revenue these bloggers generate.

The article concludes that despite the rise of Social Media, in Sweden blogs are bigger than ever. That of course is not the remarkable part – having direct access to the data about blogs we already knew that. But it’s impressive how much income some of the major bloggers in Sweden actually are able to generate from their writing, directly or indirectly, that means through ads and other revenue sources that they were able to access through their regular blogging activities and rise in popularity.

There is for example Katrin Zytomierska who has started to blog six years ago, and whose company now generates about 6 million Swedish Crowns in revenue per year (a bit more than 600.000 Euro). Or “Kissie” who ranks on number 4 in the list of the most visited blogs in Sweden, and who as well has a 7 digit figure income.

The article mentions that Devote, a blog network where some of the leading Swedish blogs are hosted, generates revenue of 16 million Swedish Crowns per year.

So it is safe to conclude that in Twingly’s home country Sweden, blogging is not only growing, but it’s also helping an increasing number of successful bloggers to make a living and to build companies around their self-created personal blogger brands.


If you want to get some food for thought about the state of the commerce and e-commerce sector, we recommend you to read this short interview with e-commerce expert Gwen Morrison. She explains how retail is changing in the light of the switch to a digital shopping experience, and how mobile is accelerating this trend. The question about the future of offline retailers has gotten more into the spotlight recently, since famous Internet entrepreneur Marc Andreessen predicted the death of traditional retail.

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