A few days before new years eve and it’s time to start summarizing the year of 2009. During the past year, Twingly has received several awards, statements on honourable “lists” and other kinds of appreciation.

Internetworld: Swedens 100 best websites
Readwriteweb: Top 10 international web products of 2009
Readwriteweb: Top 100 real-time web companies
SIME Rising Stars of the North
IT challenger of the year in Sweden
Among the 7 hottest web companies in Sweden
The Techcrunch Europe top 100 Startups
Uppstickarna 2009

We are very proud of being lifted this way and we love the attention. So here’s a special thanks to all of you that have awarded us in any way. It means a lot to us!

Image credit (CC): jaredchapman

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