We love to announce new Partners, yes we do

We’re happy to announce some awesome new partners launching Twingly today.

First of all it’s a couple of more local newspapers in Southern Sweden that have launched Twingly. Skånskan, NorraSkåne and Laholmstidning are now using Twingly to embrace the discussion around their articles with social media.

But there’s more.

Webbtv.se is a new site collecting all the web tv content from Sweden. Since there’s more and more web tv content out there, it’s a quite nice idea, and we’re glad that they wanted to use Twingly to link back to blogs straight from the start. So why not check it out right away!

Another exciting launch is Coolstuff.se, which is a web shop for “cool stuff”. They’re pretty big here in Sweden and when Mattias was looking at the Twingly Blogstream-integration earlier today he said, while looking at their top list, “wow, this is awesome! I just found the perfect Christmas gift for my dad.” so it seems they already have a new customer because of the Blogstream widget ;).

Coolstuff are also launching Twingly on their Danish and German sites Coolstuff.dk and Yomoy.de.

Happy blogging!