Twingly Live about #cop15 on, sponsored by Vattenfall

Today we’re excited to introduce a new business area for Twingly – sponsored realtime services for media web sites.

First up is a special version of Twingly Live for the Climate Conference in Copenhagen, #cop15. This Twingly Live is integrated directly at the Swedish news site and is sponsored by the energy company Vattenfall. It is the very first project testing our new sponsorship model for realtime services on media web sites.

We believe this solution is showing one of many possible ways into the future for media web sites, since it both connects the editorial content to the real time web and create new revenues for the web site. This is something our new rock star Annie will work on in the upcoming months, so please contact her if you’re interested in a partnership.

The Cop15 Twingly Live is showing news articles that tweets with the hashtag #cop15 is linking to. As always with Twingly Live and Channels, it’s totally realtime. And of course the service can be customized depending on the needs of our future partners.

Tweet for World Childhood Foundation

As you might remember from last year, the Swedish energy company Vattenfall donated money to World Childhood Foundation for every blog post linking to their campaign site We provided the technology for making that possible.

Now they’ve been adding tweets to their counter, so you can tweet instead of blog to get them donate. For every tweet with a link (links shortened with url shorteners are counted, too) to they’re donating 10 kr (about 1€). Blog links are still counted and for each of them they’re donating 20 kr (about 2€).

So, plz rt.