Swedish retailer Hemtex embraces the blogosphere with Twingly

In our article from a few days ago about how a lot of our Twingly partners were voted into Internetworld’s top 100 ranking of Sweden’s best websites 2010 we explained how this year’s winner Halens is using the Twingly Blogstream widget to highlight what bloggers are saying about the products sold on its website (we also explained the integration in detail a few months ago).

Now another leading retailer from Sweden is implementing such as solution to encourage web users to blog feedback and opinions in regards to furnishings and textiles offered on its web-shop: Hemtex!

What Hemtex has done is straight forward: On each item profile in their store you find the tabs “Start” with the main order information about a product, “Info” with some specific details and “Bloggat” which is Swedish and means “blogged”. By clicking on that tab users are welcomed by the Twingly widget linking to blogs that had something to say about the specific item.

So while the integration of Twingly is great for Hemtex to increase awareness and engagement within the Swedish blogosphere, it will help online shoppers to evaluate whether a specific product is worth buying or not by having access to reviews and comments from blogs.

If you want to see the Twingly integration in action you can for instance go to this page.

We say welcome Hemtex, we are happy to have you with us and to see more and more leading e-commerce services opening up to the social web!

Our latest Twingly Partner in Sweden

We are always happy to see new websites deciding to integrate our Twingly Enterprise tools to enhance their content with feedback from the blogosphere (which as we explained recently might even help websites to generate more money from ads). One of our most recent partners is Startaeget.se, a site dedicated to everyone in Sweden who plans to start a company or who already has made this step. The site offers new and existing founders and self-employed persons a lot of useful information and resources about how to start, maintain, develop and grow a company.

Twingly Blogstream Widget

And as of now, each article in the news section of Startaeget.se will include the Twingly Blogstream widget, which shows blogs that have commented on and linked to the specific piece at Startaeget.se. The goal of including the Twingly widget is of course to encourage bloggers within related topics to link to Startaeget.se and to discuss the information being published there. In return, bloggers have their postings shown and linked next to the article they have mentioned, getting new visitors.

If you are a blogger, try it by linking to one of the articles from Startaeget.se to have your blog shown next to it (make sure before that your blog pings Twingly). And if you are a publisher and would like to add the Twingly Blogstream Widget to your site, use this form to get in touch with us!

Twingly Live at “Uppdrag granskning” on Swedish Television tonight

Swedish media continues to go realtime. Tonight Swedish public service-broadcaster SVT will use Twingly Live for their show “Uppdrag Granskning”. Twingly Live connects the show to the discussion about it on the real-time web. And for the first time, the Live feed will be fully displayed at the SVT website and in connection to the live broadcasting of the show on the web.

“Step by step we are upgrading SVT.se to a 2.0-platform where we can get feedback, comments and answer questions from viewers during live broadcasts. Twitter is an excellent tool for that kind of realtime conversations”, says Axel Humlesjö, Swedish Television. You can follow him on Twitter as @axelhumlesjo.

Tonight’s show investigates how illegally caught African fish is being extracted to omega 3 oil intended for the European market. Sounds like something for you to tweet about? Use the hashtag #granskning or #uppdraggranskning to get into the Twingly Live feed.

Find the live broadcast and Twingly Live linked from Uppdrag Granskning tonight at 20.00.

Welcome, Expressen!

Today we have the pleasure to give a very warm welcome to a longed-for addition to the Twingly Family!

This morning Expressen.se, one of the leading Swedish news sites with over 2 million unique visitors per week,  launched Twingly Blogstream. And Blogstream can not only be found on Expressen, but also on their editions for Gothenburg and Malmö GT.se and Kvallsposten.se.
The content of Expressen.se seems to be engaging for many of us in the blogosphere. During the last month as many as nearly 3000 blog posts linked to Expressen.se.
So if you are one of these bloggers writing about your views on a story like this, don’t forget to “twingla” from now on and share your views with Expressen’s readers!

Read also  Thomas Mattsson’s comment on “Bloggen om Expressen”, he is Expressen’s Editor-in-Chief.

Update: There is now also a nice Expressen-article about the Twingly launch today!

The world’s 1st Microblogging Conference

Better late than never – this one could say about a late summary from me about the MBC09, but also maybe “last but not least”.

The MBC09 in Hamburg on the 23rd and 24th of January 2009 was the first Microblogging Conference of the world ever, organised by Cem Basman and a great team of people around him which made it a real success. Cem’s Summary together with links to media and pictures you find here.

I went there as a non-techie and must say that I was a bit wary about maybe the tech-talk being a bit much for a non-developer. Many asked me if I was sent by the company, and the answer is yes and no. At first I just wanted to go as a visitor in order to meet old faces and new people, but then our project of developing the Microblog-Search took vast steps forward. First we decided that I should introduce the concept of it, but then, after Christmas it was pretty clear that the release date could even be before the MBC09 – which we thought would be a great opportunity to introduce its functions to a larger audience and get some direct feedback. So I had the pleasure to present our new baby to a rather interested crowd. Among them were  Marco from Seesmic/Twhirl, Carmen from Cirip.ro and Tapio from Oseon Conversations. A bit later joined Nicole Simon, author of book and blog  “Mit 140 Zeichen” (for when again is the book’s translation into English planned? 😉 ) – she added some more really good questions to the little discussion that already had formed.

I on the other hand also listened to some really good keynotes and sessions, i.e. from Sarik (Cellity) and Ralf who presented the development of the German microblogging service Bleeper. This motivated me to create also an Identi.ca account. Which brings us to one of the main discussion points of the MBC09 – will Twitter have to open or will they survive as a closed solution? The panel in the evening of the first day put this topic forward once again. By then also Evan Prodromou had made it to the venue – and all that because the peeps at Identi.ca did not obey the old rule “never do an update or a release on a Friday” 😉 … In the evening however one could find him after a long day enjoying himself on the party and chatting away to the MBC09 crowd.

Unfortunately, I was there only for Friday (collision with a long planned personal event on Saturday/Sunday in Stockholm) – but next time I will be there all days! Then I do not miss great sessions and panels like “Twitter in Journalism”. Also, as it is for sure that the conference will be held again in English and as we do have some time now for planning, there might very well a (developer?)-colleague following to Cologne as well. We will see!

I made quite a few new contacts, not only for business, and I really loved that one day, the people and the party a lot.
Let’s make part II even better – “Cologne, Cologne, we will go in Cologne!” (alternative version of the German “Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin!”)

This is some information about the past MBC09 and about the one to come.

– The old stuff (with new stuff about the old stuff).
– The new stuff.

C U in Cologne – and before that maybe even in Berlin?

MBC09 Logo

Twingly Report about the FRA Debate

This summer the Swedish political blogosphere has been in flames over a law proposal allowing a civil organization to monitor all Internet traffic crossing Swedish borders, with the purpose to fight terrorism and organized crime.

Twingly has surveyed the debate and discussions in the blogosphere about the political process. In the published report we present our findings and conclusions.

Twingly FRA Report Twingly FRA Report (PDF)

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The report was commissioned by the Swedish Social Democratic party.

Update: Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet writes about the report. SvD writes about our finding that as much as 19% of articles in traditional media covering the debate and proceedings around the FRA law between May 27th and June 27th also referred to blogs in one way or another. This figure is well above what has been found in other cases and shows that Swedish bloggers had a large influence on the debate.

These figures are available in the accompanying media coverage report from Greenhill Relations.

FRA-Debatt Greenhill Relations

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Annika Lidne from Disruptivemedia recorded the event via Bambuser