The re:publica conference in Twitter numbers

Last week, bloggers, digital citizens, net activists and journalists gathered in Berlin for the annual re:publica conference. The event took place for the first time in 2007 as a platform for bloggers from the German speaking countries, but has evolved into a huge conference with 4000 attendees and speakers from other parts of Europe and the world as well. It’s not a risky bet to assume that next year, the re:publica will be even bigger and more international.

As one could imagine, the re:publica createde quite a buzz in the German speaking twittersphere. We set up a Twingly Liveboard before the conference kicked off to be able to visualize the feedback on Twitter. To remind you: Liveboard is a HTML5 based feature that visualizes the buzz about trends on Twitter and works with any state of the art browser.

Twingly Liveboard for #rp12

You find the Liveboard for the re:publica at (since it shows real-time stats, the numbers are still growing even though the conference is already finished).

Here are a few key figures that illustrate how visible the event was in the local twittersphere
Overall number of tweets containing the “rp12” keyword: more than 69.000
Tweets about rp12 during the time of the conference: almost 55.000
Number of different users tweeting about rp12: more than 10.800
Number of unique hashtags in tweets mentioning rp12: more than 6.200
Number of unique links in tweets mentioning rp12: almost 16.000

Top 5 Twitter users mentioned in tweets with “rp12” hashtag

Top 5 Twitter users with most tweets about rp12

Top 5 most used hashtags

Overall, the first conference day on Wednesday led to the highest number of tweets, and the last conference day on Friday to the lowest.