Welcome FACIT.COM as new Twingly partner

Are you thinking about buying a new car? Maybe not right now. But whenever people are looking to buy their first car or replacing their old one, they most certainly will do some research on the web before to find the best deal for their specific needs and budget.

FACIT.COM is Sweden’s first independent guide for everybody who’s looking for a new car. Users can find cars based on a variety of criteria, compare cars, search for dealers or get useful and important advise ahead of their purchase.

Twingly Blogwatch on Facit.com

The site has integrated the Twingly Blogwatch widget on each car profile. There, users can see what bloggers around the web have said about the specific vehicle. Those interested in buying a car get additional information and experience reports from the blogosphere, and the bloggers can increase their traffic through backlinks on FACIT.COM.

Welcome FACIT.com, we are happy you are with Twingly!

“Visiting a fair leads to new contacts – exactly like social media”

Stockholmsmässan is one of the world’s leading and most flexible organisers of meetings and fairs – and a Twingly partner. On any of it’s event-specific websites (e..g Formex), the company has embedded the Twingly Blogwatch widget which links to blog articles discussing the industry or topic relevant for the fair. Petra Rudberg is Digital Media Manager at Stockholmsmässan. We asked her a couple of questions about the importance of social media for public fairs and their upcoming platform relaunch.

Tell us about your experience with the Twingly Blogstream widget so far. What where your toughts when you decided to implement it into your websites?
Twingly offers us the chance to include our fairs visitors’ experience on our website. Fairs center around personal encounters and bloggers are generally good at describing those. We can give you lots of reasons on our site why you should come to one of our events, but many people prefer to hear objective opinions.

How important is feedback from the blogosphere for Stockholmsmässan?
Very important. We are following blogs within every topical sector where we run a fair. There is a lot of conversation surrounding any topic or industry we are covering with our events. Reading what bloggers say gives us inspiration and ideas how to develop and improve our fairs. In fact, bloggers are as important to us as traditional journalists and media, and we regularly invite bloggers to our events, giving them the same attention as we give to other media representatives. Bloggers are welcome to both our events and our press meetings.

Your websites are very appealing from a visual standpoint. Now you are in the process of creating a new concept for all your event-specific sites. Could you explain to our readers what the main goal and improvement will be?
Thanks, we are glad to hear that. The visual aspects have a high priority for us. The main goal with our sites is to give visitors an impression, a hunch what to expect at the event. People coming to one of our sites want to know who the exhibitors and participating organisations are, and what kind of products or services they offer. With the upcoming relaunch, we will put exhibitors into the spotlight. Another measure is to make our sites more interactive. Twingly Blogstream helps us with that, but we also plan to integrate closely with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The ideal situation is that everybody – visitors, exhibitors, journalists and bloggers can have a dialogue via our site.

Today, all your websites seem to be based on a similar template, but still look differently. Will you stick to that approach?
Yes. We run many different fairs with varying needs and context. Some cover physical goods (like Stockholm Furniture Fair), others services or knowledge. All have different requirements, hence we want to make sure they get a web presence which suits their needs and target group. With our new platform there will be even more ways to adjust and customize a specific event website.

In what way will you integrate Twingly into the new concept?
The Twingly widget will have a high visibility as it already has today. We hope we can show you parts of the new design in the beginning of December.

What are for you the most exciting trends within social media?
I’m glad that the initial social media hype has calmed down a bit. It’s not a competition about who has the most followers. The most important benefit is that we can have a conversation with people – like in our case with those interested in our events. I also find the mobile world pretty exciting, and how this brings social media to every aspect of people’s live. At Stockholmsmässan we are currently creating apps for our events. Visiting a fair is a social experience which often leads to a lot of new contacts – exactly like social media.

How Twingly Partners are using Twingly Blogwatch

We frequently write about the Twingly Blogstream service that we offer to our enterprise partners, but there is another slightly different widget solution for partners that we haven’t been highlighting that often: Twingly Blogwatch.

Blogstream is for all sites that want to show incoming blog links. Blogwatch is also a widget that partners embed into their sites, but it’s not necessarily showing links to the partner’s website. Instead, the Blogwatch widget shows blog entries that contain specific search keywords. Those can be combined with links to specific URLs, but the main purpose is to highlight blog posts that mention specific keywords. Site owners can customize the widget and choose to moderate the blog posts mentioned.

Thus, Blogwatch is a perfect tool for sites that deal with a broader topic and that want to show their visitors what the blogosphere is saying about this topic – even if they don’t link to a specific website.

Let’s show you the Blogwatch widget in action:

Stena Line, one of the world’s leading ferry companies, uses Twingly Blogwatch to show blog posts about its destinations (example):


Stockholmsmässan is a leading organiser of meetings and public fairs. They run a host of websites for their different fairs and offer visitors additional context about those fairs with the help of Blogwatch (example):


The Swedish city of Borås has implemented Blogwatch to help citizen understand what relevant topics about Borås are being discussed in the blogosphere (example):


The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation is transparent about what bloggers are writing about them (example):


Even the Stockholm City Mission has decided to use Blogwatch to support transparency (example):