How Twingly can help your blog

Over the years, we have added a bunch of new features, tools and services to our portfolio. Some of our offerings are targeting bloggers, some are for all users looking for information from blogs and microblogs and some are made for enterprise clients.

In this blog post we want to outline how Twingly can help you as a blogger.

We have published a couple of tutorials in the past describing how you can use a particular Twingly feature, but this time our focus is on listing the major ways for you as a blogger to benefit from Twingly, improve blogging, increase your audience and stay informed about what’s going on in in the blog and microblogging world.

Increase audience with Twingly Blogstream

Twingly Blogstream is a technology that we provide to our partner sites (which among others consist of major news and e-commerce players in Scandinavia and elsewhere) in order to allow them to open up to the blogosphere. The Blogstream widget on a partner site shows incoming links from blogs and thus can send back hundreds of new visitors to blogs.

Benefit for you:
Bring lots of new readers to your blog.

Steps required:
Link to one of our partner sites and – very important – ping us!
Here is a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to do that.

Add relevant content to your blog with the Twingly Widget

For bloggers we offer different customizable widgets that you can add to your site to let your readers see who has linked to your blog or what posts that have gotten the most incoming links. There is even an embeddable widget for any search term you enter in our blog search or microblog search.

Benefit for you:
Add context and content to your site, highlight your blog performance

Steps required:
Go to your blog profile (which you find at this URL or by searching for your blog in our blog search engine and clicking on “profile” under the search result for your blog) and click the “Get this widget” link. If you want to add a widget with search results, perform a blog or microblog search for any keyword and click “get as widget for your blog” in the right navigation column.

Here is an explanation with instructions for proper embedding into your blog. If you don’t find a profile for your blog, it’s because you haven’t ping us yet. Do it here.

Monitor the blogosphere

If you are a blogger, you are probably quite interested in knowing which other blogs are linking to you, and you might also have a specific area of interested where you would like to stay ahead of the curve and get information about your preferred topics as soon as they are being discussed on other blogs.

In this case you sould try our blog search engine, which lets you subscribe by either email or RSS to search terms like company or brand names, URLs or other relevant keywords. And if you want, you can do the same with our microblog search engine, covering Twitter and other status update based sites.

Benefit for you:
Get the information you need as a blogger to stay up to date .

Steps required:
Perform a search for the term(s) you want to monitor and subscribe.
Here is a step-by-step tutorial how to do that.