Twingly News: BlogRank and Top 100

Today we’re launching two exciting projects at – Top 100 and BlogRank. The first one, Twingly Top 100, is the listing of the 100 biggest blogs in 12 different languages based on our ranking system (which is mainly focusing on inlinks and likes among other things). BlogRank is a number between 1-10 that shows how big a blog is. It’s similar to Google PageRank but only for blogs.

One of the most asked questions we get is “which are the biggest blogs in that language” and with Twingly Top 100, it’s now public. It’ll of course change over time but these are the top blogs right now in the 12 languages we have on Top 100:

BlogRank could be found on your blog profile. It’s all public and if you would like to show it to your blog readers (it’s something that will gain you trust and show your influence) it’s easy to pick a badge on your blog profile to copy and paste in to your blog.

We would love feedback and thoughts on both Top 100 and BlogRank. Feel free to contact us or just comment below!