Congratulations to our partners among Sweden’s 100 best websites

Every year, the renown Swedish industry magazine Internetworld publishes a list of the 100 best websites from Sweden. The ranking gets a lot of attention not only within the digital sphere but also in the Swedish mainstream press, offering indicators for the hottest trends within web development, online marketing, design and usability.

Yesterday Internetworld presented this year’s ranking, and we at Twingly were delighted to find a lot of sites and companies on the list that are using our Twingly enterprise solutions to enhance their web content with social context from the blogosphere.

In fact, the first four sites in the ranking all are using our Twingly widgets: The online shop Halens, the website of Swedish Public Radio Sveriges Radio, the travel site Ving and the destination of Swedish Public TV

Halens, this year’s winner of the Internetworld ranking, for example shows reactions from the blogosphere regarding products sold on the site through our Twingly Blogstream widget (there is an article on that on Internetworld as well, although Swedish only, however we blogged about their strategy earlier). Pretty cool!

Even Fritidsresor, ranked 7, and, ranked 9, have integrated the Twingly widget! So out of the 10 best websites in Sweden in 2010, 6 are using Twingly!

Let’s not forget on position 15, Sydsvenskan on 16, IKEA on 23, Lindex on 36, MyNewsDesk on 56, SvenskaSpel on 76, on 86 and Coolstuff on 96 – even those websites are Twingly clients and do now rank among the 100 best online destinations in Sweden!

We would like to take the chance and give our congratulations to all our partners belonging to Sweden’s web elite! We are happy for you and hope to see you in the ranking next year again!

Sweden’s 100 best websites 2010 (in Swedish)

30 Startups And The Buzz They Are Getting From the Blogosphere

On Tuesday TechCrunch published a list of “30 Startups People Care About The Most”. It was based on a new service called StartupFollower which allows people to signup for email notifications if the popular (and recently acquired blog) covers a specific startup. After StartupFollower itself got covered on TechCrunch the day earlier, the founder sent the distribution list of startups people have signed up for on the new service to TechCrunch, which created a ranking of the most requested tech startups from it.

Now obviously the TechCrunch ranking is far from official, since it is only based on readers of the blog who opted to signup for notifications on StartupFollower. We decided to do a little reality check and to compare the TechCrunch ranking based on StartupFollower subscriptions with the buzz in the blogosphere.

So we checked the 30 startups from the list with our Twingly Blog Search and compiled a new ranking based on the number of mentions the different web companies got within the past 30 days. As you can imagine the result looks a bit different, even though there are some similarities and some key players which are leading the pack in both lists.

Let’s have a look at the Top 30 Startups and at how many people in the blogosphere mentioned each of them. You find the rank from the TechCrunch list in brackets:

1. Google (5)
2. Amazon (29)
3. Facebook (1)
4. YouTube (17)
5. Twitter (2)
6. Apple (7)
7. Yahoo (27)
8. Digg (15)
9. LinkedIn (11)
10. Evernote (24)
11. Scribd (28)
12. TechCrunch (10)
13. Spotify (26)
14. Foursquare (3)
15. Groupon (6)
16. Zynga (9)
17. Dropbox (21)
18. Yelp (16)
19. Zazzle (25)
20. Gowalla (12)
21. SCVNGR (19)
22. Tumblr (20)
23. Square (23)
24. Quora (4)
25. Yammer (18)
26. OpenTable (30)
27. Qwiki (14)
28. LivingSocial (13)
29. RockMelt (8)
30. Gilt Group (22)

Anything that especially surprised you?

/Martin Weigert