Congrats to all our customers on the Internetworld top 100-list!

Today we’re really happy for those of our customers who’ve made it to the “Internetworld Top 100 best websites in Sweden“-list. We’re delighted and a little bit proud that seven websites of the top 20-list are using Twingly Blogstream!

Lindex, our first e-commerce customer for Twingly Blogstream, got a special prize from Internetworld for being most “Blog-friendly” (Google Translate). Using our service is not the only effort Lindex has made to optimize the “blogability” of For example they have also made pictures of their fashion easily available for bloggers to download and publish. Lindex has been a great case for us to work with, and we’re inspired to continue cooperating with customers from the e-commerce field.

And last but not least, we just have to mention the fact that our most recent e-commerce customer got their Twingly launch highlighted on stage when the Top 100-list was announced yesterday. Magnus Höij from Internetworld said that “The fact that Onoff launched Twingly today, shows that they know what really matters for customers nowadays.”

Twingly-launch today: Blog links part of customer service offer

One could argue there’s a sort of unanimity going on, when it comes to electronic devises and communication strategies. It really doesn’t matter what the reseller is called: all they talk about is low prices. At least that’s the case here in Sweden. And it’s strange, because what you really need when you’re trying to choose between hundreds of TV:s and cellular phones, is some help, guidance and service.

The ONOFF chain here in Sweden has chosen another key message in their latest ad campaign – they talk about service, and nothing about being cheap. Now ONOFF launches Twingly Blogstream as part of their customer service offer and a way of taking the concept of tech market service to the next level. Blogger’s opinions simply help guiding their customers in making better purchases.

So now all you experts with good advices and wonderful blogs can get your word out, directly through the And a lot of confused customers will get needed help, not only from the staff at ONOFF, but also through the blogosphere. All linked together at the same place.

That’s how it should be.

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