Shoes and Twingly @ Brandos

We’re happy to announce that and are launching Twingly today. is also the first e-commerce site in Norway with our service.

Fashion blogs are a huge phenomenon both in Sweden and Norway, so it’s a great marketing method for a web shop selling shoes to work with blogs here just like Lindex, Halens and Stadium are doing so with clothes.

Happy blogging, fashionistas!

Fredrikstad Blad first local newspaper in Norway to use Twingly

Norway is the 2nd largest market for us after Sweden and we’re growing really fast there! As part of Edda Media, the local newspaper for Fredrikstad has now started to use Twingly.

The other sites that are using Twingly in Norway either have national reach (like VG, Dagbladet, Tv2 etc) or they are niched magazines (,, etc). With Fredrikstad Blad we’re now moving into the market for local newspapers in Norway.

So Norwegian bloggers, take the opportunity to look outside the national newspapers and check out the blogable content of!

Teknisk Ukeblad and Vi i Villa new partners

This week two new partners have launched Twingly Blogstream. In Norway it’s and in Sweden it’s Both are niche sites but have already now some blogs linking to them. With Twingly they want to link back to the blogs and open up to a conversation between their content and the blogosphere.

Well-timed to this, the Swedish blog Börja Blogga (“Start Blogging”) has written a great article (Google Translate) on why and how Twingly could be used to get more traffic for your blog.

Happy blogging!

New Twingly Partners: the first out of ten

Here’s some great news: the Norwegian media website have launched Twingly Blogstream (Google Translate).

And guess what’s even better? This is just the beginning, since nine other Norwegian websites are planning to include blog links at their sites as well. and the rest of the sites are all part of the Aller Internett group, a Norwegian online media house.

We will of course tell you when the rest is up and running – so stay tuned!

Update: Pål Joakim Olsen made a comment that both and started to use it last week., Femina,, ITavisen, Lommelegen, and is on their way.

TV2 Norway uses Twingly to soar to the heights of the Blogosphere

Today we’re happy to announce that Norway’s largest commercial TV-station TV2 is launching Twingly Blogstream! This makes the first Norwegian TV-web site to add our features, which is very exciting. As some of you might remember, the Swedish public service TV-station SVT started using Twingly just a few weeks ago.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that other TV-companies will follow (Google Translation)!