“Why is the rum gone?”-meme

We found a funny meme today at Youtube based on edited movies that is really cool. So, why is the rum gone?

It started with this Youtube-clip from Pirates of the Caribbean but then the meme had its own life and the same “Why is the rum gone?”-quote was given movie clips from The Lion King, Harry Potter and many more a funny twist that we think is incredible creative!

Then we realized that the real original meme of this concept actually is another meme with the same concept – “They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard“. The copy-paste-generation is doing a lot of good stuff – and we think it’s the future!

See also Larry Lessigs very relevant TED talk on how he thinks creativity is being strangled by the copyright laws. The “Why is the rum gone?”-meme shows that creativity is still alive after all.