Twingly Web Slices and Accelerators for Internet Explorer 8

I got a call last week from a girl working at Microsoft here in Sweden. She asked us if we would like to be one of the first Swedish web sites with their new features web slices and accelerators when they are launching Internet Explorer 8 this week. We were in the middle of an iteration and had a lot of things to do but our CTO Björn gave it a try over the weekend and came up with some cool web slices and accelerators to show us. So we decided to make it work at and to be part of the IE8 release.

Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 8 today and our web slices and accelerators are working. You find them at the official gallery or at if you are using IE8.

Install Twingly Search Accelerator Install Twingly link Accelerator

So what can you do with Twingly’s web slices and accelerators?

Link accelerator
My personal favourite is the “blogs linking to this page”-link accelerator. When you are on a page and wonder if there’s any blog posts linking to that specific page, or a site if you’re on the front page, just right click and you will see a little box with the latest blog posts with links to that page. A lot like Twingly Blogstream but working on all sites.

If you want to install the link accelerator, go to Twingly’s front page when you are surfing with IE8 and click on “Install link accelerator”. Or simply click at the green button here in the blog post!

Twingly Link Accelerator

Web slices for search results
If you would like to monitor a search result at there’s RSS and Email Alerts for that purpose. From now there’s also web slices for users that are using IE8. Is working both for our blog search and microblog search and is found to the right when you are searching at under “With result”.

Web slice example for Twingly Blog Search

Web slice example for Twingly Microblog Search

Search accelerator
Search accelerator is a neat function that is searching for the word or sentence you have marked. If you for example are visiting a newspaper and are wondering what blogs are writing about “Twitter”, simply mark it and choose to search with Twingly. The easiest way to install Twingly search accelerator for IE8, go to Twingly’s front page when you are surfing with IE8 and click “Install search accelerator”. Or simply click on the large green button in this blog post!

Twingly Search Accelerator