“Collaboration in the cloud is revolutionizing the workplace”

Google and the Future Foundation have conducted a research study about the corporation of the future and about ways people will work and get creative together in the upcoming years. The study covers the opinions and comments of 3.500 employees of companies in UK, France, Germany, USA and Japan, as well as insights and observations of experts from the fields of technology, HR, psychology and academia.

The research has come up with some remarkable insights in how people work, would like to and expect to work in the future.

Here are some of the findings that fascinated us the most:

-> There is a huge correlation between innovation and collaboration. The more people collaborate, the more creative they become and the more innovation their tasks lead to.

-> Only 15 percent of today’s employees are satisfied with the processes their company has in place for allowing and fostering innovation.

-> 70 percent of employees think new technologies allow them to work better with colleagues, but only 12 percent of today’s employees are satisfied with the technology currently available to them at work. Many of them prefer the tools they use in their personal lives.

-> 44 percent of employees say their company has systems in place to allow the contribution of ideas (but only 19 percent say they get directly rewarded for the development of ideas).

– > 59 percent of employees agree that they prefer working as part of a team

The most important sentence of the summary:
“A new generation of technologies is starting to break down barriers within organisations and across borders to let people innovate and collaborate in virtual teams more effectively than ever before.”

You can find the complete report in this public Google Docs file.

Via Joakim Jardenberg

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Why social media search matters

There are some things Twitter is just flat out better at for getting information than Google. Here are just a few: researching companies, products and services for real customer feedback, breaking news and live events/conference updates. It is not a total threat but Twitter is so superior in these areas that people will indeed make the effort to search somewhere new to get the information. I do.

We think this is a very good explanation of why it’s so useful to search in social media. And to make our point clear, this is not only true for search in microblogs but in blogs as well.. Another thing that could be added is friends, family and yourself. To search and follow the people we love and care about most is an opportunity that Google still can’t handle.

Via: Google’s First Real Threat? Twitter. Update: Robert Scoble is writing about it