Blog about products on and get linked from a major online shop

Not even two weeks left until Christmas Eve. Maybe some of you bloggers out there would like to show your readers the presents that you are hoping to find under the Christmas tree, and at the same time get traffic from a huge e-commerce site?

In this case we can announce that you now have the chance to do this with yet another online shop partnering up with Twingly to show incoming blog links on its site: Swedish media retailer with Twingly integration

On the front page and each and every product page, has placed the Twingly Blogstream widget in the right column, showing you the latest products bloggers have written about and linked to. For consumers it’s a great way to discover products on that are getting attention in the blogosphere. The benefit for bloggers is obvious as well: Visibility on a leading e-commerce site in the Nordics, and thus new visitors.

We welcome to the growing family of Twingly partners.

If you have a blog and want to give it a try, just write about a product available on, link to its product page and ping Twingly (very important!). And who knows, maybe one day you’ll have a nice little present from one of your readers in your mail.