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The number of e-commerce sites using the Twingly eTrade widget is increasing steadily, and for good reason: The solution encourages bloggers to link to online shopping sites since that creates a backlink back to their blog. Everyone wins, including customers of e-commerce platforms who can access additional information and reviews about products.

Today we proudly announce anouther Twingly e-commerce partner: MQ, one of Sweden’s leading clothing stores for women and men. From now on each product profile on includes the Twingly widget (like here, click on the Twingly logo to the right) and shows blog posts linking to the particular item. If you run a fashion blog make sure you are linking to products at regularly (and to Ping us about it).

For more examples of e-commerce sites that have partnered with us, read “How e-commerce sites use Twingly

The top 7 most beautiful integrations of Twingly Blogstream

We have more than 100 partner sites that chose to integrate the Twingly Blogstream widget on their pages in order to highlight blog posts linking to them, their content and their products.

One of the strengthes of Blogstream is that you as partner site can customize it and make it blend perfectly into your existing design and interface.

In order to give you some ideas how a creative and smart integration could look like, we have selected 7 examples that we think belong to the most beautiful ways to embed Twingly.

Of course taste is subjective. The main reason why we highlight the following 7 approaches is because they give an excellent impression of what you can do with our Blogstream service.

You can click on each screenshot to come to the page where it has been take from.




sköna hem

How to get your blog linked by major websites with Twingly

If you have been following our recent articles you may have noticed that there is a huge number of websites that uses our Twingly Blogstream widget in order to show blogs that linked to them (here is the full list of partners). The great thing for bloggers: They get an incoming link from a major website which can drive a lot of traffic.

If you are a blogger you might be wondering what you have to do in order to show up on our partner’s websites. In this post we provide you with a step-by-step tutorial for that very purpose.

1. Write a blog post and link to a Twingly partner
You write a blog post containing a link to our partner’s website that’s related to your blog post. It’s important that you link to the address or page where the Twingly widget is located, which most is on specific article/product pages.

2. Ping Twingly
You ping us. That means that you notify us that you published a blog post linking to one of our partners, which we need to know for pushing the link to your article to our partner’s website. Some blog platforms have a setting that allows for automatic pinging every time you have written a new post, for example if you host your own WordPress blog (note: Blogs hosted at do not include this feature). In this case simply add to your blog tool’s list of ping services.

Ping Twingly from a self-hosted WordPress blog

If your blogging platform of choice doesn’t support automatic pinging, you can notify us manually about your posting containing the link to a partner website. Go to this site and enter the address of your blog or the URL to your RSS feed.

Two things to remember: We index your RSS feed. If you only publish the first parts of your posting via RSS we might not see your links to our partner websites and your blog won’t show up in their Twingly Blogstream widget. So make sure to publish your complete articles as RSS. If necessary, you can change this in your blogging platform’s settings section.

Furthermore, sometimes it takes a while between you publishing a post and your site appearing in the partner’s Twingly widget. So please be patient, it can take up to 1- 15 minutes.

3. Your blog appears on our partner’s website
Our server notices the link from your blog to a Twingly partner and highlights your blog in the partner’s widget (which usually is located somewhere on our partner’s article/product pages).

Incoming links from blogs on
Incoming links from blogs on

4. Hurray! You get a lot of visitors from major websites

Good to know: People can and may report spam or abuse which moderators at the partner site could check out. If they come to the conclusion that it’s spam or something similar they ban the post. They can also ban the whole blog. So behave! =)

CisionWire connects with bloggers

Cision is one of the biggest players worldwide among press services, with businesses in over 150 countries and the world’s largest data base of media contacts.

Their strategy has always been to work closely with their users and business partners to improve their services continuously. That way they keep high standards in terms of usability and easy access to all the latest news.

As part of this strategy they now started involving bloggers more closely than ever before by giving them the opportunity to be seen on CisionWire-articles in context with topics they blog about. Twingly supplies the technical solution.

For bloggers it means that they can blog about a topic, then link to the related press release on CisionWire, ping their post to Twingly. Their post will then automatically appear below the press release within a few minutes.

Right now, this new service is available on and So go and check it out!

With now both, CisionWire and MyNewsdesk linking to blogs as part of their strategy, we consider this development a big step in terms of press services establishing a new standard of providing information by integrating news and comments from the public via social media services.

How websites within the public service and public sector use Twingly

Today we continue our series of blog posts showing you how websites from different online sectors are using Twingly to enhance their content with opinions and comments from the blogosphere. We described earlier how e-commerce websites have implemented the Twingly widget and highlighted how company, event and organisation websites use Twingly. This time we will focus on the websites from the Swedish public sector and introduce you to what public radio, public television (yep even they are Twingly partners) and two other official, non-commercial websites are doing with Twingly technology.

SVT is the the Swedish public service television. One of their many TV productions is called Debatt, a talk show discussing important news and issues related to the Swedish society. The Debatt website regularly publishes opinion pieces by Swedish politicians, media experts and journalists surrounding the ongoing debates (like this one). Each of those articles is accompanied by the Twingly Blogstream widget, showing blog posts linking to the article. By doing that SVT gives users the chance of either commenting directly below the articles or publishing their response in their own blogs and becoming part of the discussion. SVT are also using the Twingly Blogstream widget on other parts of their website, for example below every article on their news section.

Click to enlarge

Sveriges Radio
Even Sveriges Radio which is Sweden’s public service radio has implemented Twingly Blogstream on parts of its website (example). The widget is located below articles and shows the latest incoming links from blogs. Easy and straight-forward!

Click to enlarge

Europaportalen is the leading, independent platform for the Swedish debate about everything concerning the European Union (EU) and Europe. Similar to how Sveriges Radio has implemented Twingly Blogstream even Europaportalen uses our technology to monitor the blogosphere and to show who has linked to the site (example).

Click to enlarge

Lärarnas Nyheter
This website is targeted at teachers across Sweden, published by the Swedish teacher association and meant to offer any kind of news and information teachers need for their daily work. We find that Lärarnas Nyheter has chosen a very neat way of adding the Twingly widget to their site – it’s included in a dynamic navigation on the right side of the homepage and shows the articles that have been getting the most buzz from the blogosphere. The widget is also located on each article page (example) listing the recent incoming links.

Lärarnas Nyheter
Click to enlarge

How company, event and organisation websites use Twingly

A few weeks ago we showed you how e-commerce websites use Twingly to enhance their content and product information. Today we want to focus a bit more on “traditional” websites from companies or organisations which neither are driven by news content nor by direct product sales.

We choose five examples which all have something in common: They have integrated the Twingly Blogstream widget directly on their homepage, so it’s one of the first things visitors see when accessing the websites.

Formex is the largest meeting point for Nordic interior design and will take place in January in Stockholm. The websites for the upcoming fair features the Twingly widget very prominently and shows recent blog postings about the upcoming event. It’s a huge incentive for bloggers to write about Formex, which in return increases visibility for the fair and helps its website to improve it’s search engine ranking.

Click to enlarge

PEAB is one of the Nordic countries’ leading companies in the field of Construction and Civil Engineering. On its Swedish website PEAB has implemented Twingly right under the box with the latest press releases where the most recent blog postings are being shown. If you want to see more, you can click on “Fler blogposter” to get to see a list with a dozen or so incoming links from blogs covering PEAB. We find that remarkable since PEAB is opening up to the social web and its transparency in a way that is far from common among companies from rather traditional industries.

Click to enlarge

Hem & Villa
Hem & Villa is another fair in the Swedish cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Similar to what Formex has done, the event websites highlights incoming blog posts about the fair at a glance – visitors don’t even need to scroll to see what has been blogged about Hem & Villa.

Click to enlarge

We are very happy that even the Swedish branch of UNICEF has decided to use Twingly on its homepage. If you scroll down a bit on you will see a section saying “185 blogginlägg länkar till den här artikeln” – that means that in fact 185 blogpostings have been referring to the UNICEF website, and the 5 most recent are being featured on through Twingly. The integration encourages bloggers to write about this important aid organisation and about its projects, and it offers bloggers the chance to increase their traffic. Win Win!

Click to enlarge

Norstedts is Sweden’s oldest publishing house, based in Stockholm. They have launched an interesting integration of Twingly on their site – each of their books listed on has a Twingly widget on its profile page highlighting which blogs have been covering the specific title. In addition, on their homepage they show a selection of books that are currently being discussed in the blogosphere – based on Twingly technology of course.

Click to enlarge

Swedish retailer Hemtex embraces the blogosphere with Twingly

In our article from a few days ago about how a lot of our Twingly partners were voted into Internetworld’s top 100 ranking of Sweden’s best websites 2010 we explained how this year’s winner Halens is using the Twingly Blogstream widget to highlight what bloggers are saying about the products sold on its website (we also explained the integration in detail a few months ago).

Now another leading retailer from Sweden is implementing such as solution to encourage web users to blog feedback and opinions in regards to furnishings and textiles offered on its web-shop: Hemtex!

What Hemtex has done is straight forward: On each item profile in their store you find the tabs “Start” with the main order information about a product, “Info” with some specific details and “Bloggat” which is Swedish and means “blogged”. By clicking on that tab users are welcomed by the Twingly widget linking to blogs that had something to say about the specific item.

So while the integration of Twingly is great for Hemtex to increase awareness and engagement within the Swedish blogosphere, it will help online shoppers to evaluate whether a specific product is worth buying or not by having access to reviews and comments from blogs.

If you want to see the Twingly integration in action you can for instance go to this page.

We say welcome Hemtex, we are happy to have you with us and to see more and more leading e-commerce services opening up to the social web!

Our latest Twingly Partner in Sweden

We are always happy to see new websites deciding to integrate our Twingly Enterprise tools to enhance their content with feedback from the blogosphere (which as we explained recently might even help websites to generate more money from ads). One of our most recent partners is, a site dedicated to everyone in Sweden who plans to start a company or who already has made this step. The site offers new and existing founders and self-employed persons a lot of useful information and resources about how to start, maintain, develop and grow a company.

Twingly Blogstream Widget

And as of now, each article in the news section of will include the Twingly Blogstream widget, which shows blogs that have commented on and linked to the specific piece at The goal of including the Twingly widget is of course to encourage bloggers within related topics to link to and to discuss the information being published there. In return, bloggers have their postings shown and linked next to the article they have mentioned, getting new visitors.

If you are a blogger, try it by linking to one of the articles from to have your blog shown next to it (make sure before that your blog pings Twingly). And if you are a publisher and would like to add the Twingly Blogstream Widget to your site, use this form to get in touch with us! connects with bloggers!

The biggest German general interest portal started to reach out to bloggers!

Since a couple of days there is a little Twingly-box with linking blog posts to the down-right hand side of each news article.

And there are a lot of top news to link to – from the smallest electrical driven car to name dramas and the latest gossip around the German football team in the World Championship to come.

So take the opportunity and be part of one of Germany’s largest websites – we hope you get lots of new readers by linking to!

As for us, we are just very proud to support’s social media strategy and look forward to a strong and successful partnership. & – Film-Bloggers’ Paradise

From now on the German movie and video portals and connect with film-blogs! (“Kino” = German for “Cinema”) is currently Germany’s biggest film-portal, providing you with all the latest details about movie releases as well as stories and facts about your favorite actors. You can also check what’s on in which cinema right now and discuss hot film topics in their community. is the little brother of and gives you the latest updates about new movies to be released on DVD.

So don’t be surprised to see traffic coming to your blog from these sites.

Embrace it and continue linking to these so that your opinion can be part of the latest movie- or DVD review!

If you are interested in showing up on or, just don’t forget to ping us so that these two sites can find and display your reviews on their pages!