Twingly helps your organisation to launch a blog competition

From time to time some of our clients ask us whether it would be a good idea to launch a competition or sweepstakes involving blogs. Often, our answer is “yes”, since we know how much awareness about specific topics, products or initiatives can be raised through blogs. And many bloggers enjoy the occasional competition, especially if they can win attractive prizes.

Because of that, we decided to offer blog competition as a service primarily to our clients but also to other companies. If your organisation is interesting in engaging bloggers in a specific issue or campaign, we can support you in making that happen.

This is how Twingly helps you to launch a blog competition:

– Twingly creates a unique profile with your organisation’s branding on, one of Sweden’s biggest meeting places for bloggers and blog readers, with over 118.000 registered bloggers. The profile also includes instructions for bloggers on how to participate in the competition.

– Twingly sends a newsletter to about 10.000 bloggers within the target group of the campaign, telling them about the competition.

– Twingly uses other high-traffic-channels such as the homepage to promote the competition.

– Twingly keeps track of the participation and provides your organisation with the material you need to select the winner as well as with statistics on how the competition went.

Blog competition

One of the companies that launched a blog competition with our help is the leading Nordic e-commerce site The campaign asked bloggers to write a post about their favourite movie or TV show, including a link to the movie’s or show’s product page on The community of Twingly-owned got then the chance to vote for their favourite blog post. The winner of a gift card worth 15.000 SEK was chosen by based on the number of votes and the movie/TV show review. The bloggers ranking on position 2 to 5 were each given a gift card worth 1.000 SEK. Here is the final top list.

Blog competitions are a great tool to spread the word about your organisation, product or issue, while at the same time giving something back to the bloggers.

In case you want to learn more about blog competitions and how to launch your own, drop us a line at! We look forward to hear from you.

Bloggportalen får ett nytt hem hos Twingly

Nyligen berättade vi att vi köpt Bloggportalen av Aftonbladet. Nu kan vi stolt berätta att vi idag flyttat Bloggportalen till våra servrar och att vi gett sajten en uppfräschad design.

Både serverflytten och det nya utseendet är första initiativen för att skapa Sveriges bästa mötesplats för bloggare och bloggläsare.

Vad händer kring Bloggportalen under 2012?

För att skapa den bästa ingången till den svenska bloggosfären, kommer vi ge mer plats åt bloggare på förstasidan och kategorisidorna. Det är väldigt bra att ha tillgång till listor på mest bloggade nyheter, men vi tänker att på Bloggportalen ska bloggarna trots allt stå i centrum.

Vi kommer att skapa ett nyhetsbrev för de bloggare som finns registrerade på Bloggportalen och vi kommer att återuppliva Bloggvärldsbloggen där Anton Johansson (dvs jag =) ska blogga om allt som har med bloggande att göra. Jag har genom Twinglys och mina egna bloggar bevakat den svenska blogosfären och mediebranschen sedan jag vet inte hur länge och det ska bli roligt att få ta hand om Bloggvärldsbloggen.

I Twinglys kommande Bloggrapport för 2012 kommer vi även att inkludera resultatet av en undersökning som vi skickar ut till bloggare som registrerat sig på Bloggportalen. Det kommer vara frågor om hur, varför och när vi bloggar. Är det någon särskild fråga ni vill ha med i undersökningen är det bara att höra av sig i kommentarerna nedan eller på Twitter!

Kolla in det nya utseendet på Bloggportalen här när vi är klara med flytten!

Bloggportalen gets a new home

In December we announced our acquisition of Bloggportalen from Aftonbladet. Today we’re proud to tell you that we’ve moved Bloggportalen to our own servers and that the site now has a new look and feel.

The move to our servers and the redesign is the first step towards making Bloggportalen to the best meeting point for bloggers and blog readers in Sweden.

What’s happening around Bloggportalen during 2012?

To create the best entrance to the Swedish blogosphere, we’ll provide more space for bloggers on the frontpage and the category pages. An overview of the most blogged news articles is great as well but we think that the blogs should be in focus on Bloggportalen.

We will also start to send a newsletter to the registered bloggers at Bloggportalen and restart the Bloggvärldsbloggen where Anton Johansson (yes, that’s me!) will blog about all things related to blogging. I have been writing about the blogosphere and the media industry for years both for Twingly and on my personal blogs and I’m looking forward continue doing so in Bloggvärldsbloggen.

On the upcoming Twingly Blog Report for 2012 we will also include the results of a survey we will send out the registered bloggers at Bloggportalen. The survey will have questions about how, when and why we’re blogging. Is it any particular question you want us to have in the survey, let us know in the comments or tell us on Twitter!

Check out the new redesign of Bloggportalen here!