Swedish National Encyclopedia enhancing their website with Twingly

We’re happy to announce that the Swedish Encyclopedia Nationalencyklopedin is launching Twingly on their site NE.se today! From now on blogs can link to their content and get links back, which we think are a great way to get the Encyclopedias content to live longer, get relevant comments and to embrace their situation as a trustworthy reference also in the era of social media.

For us, this is thrilling. To enable bloggers to show up with their blog posts on an Encyclopedias articles gives a whole new dimension to what’s possible with our product Blogstream. Nationalencyklopedin isn’t just a great customer to work with, they represent that good content always deserves the blogospheres attention.

How the Blogstream Widget looks on NE.se with blog links. Taken from the article about Nobel Prize Winner in Literature 2009 Herta Müller.

From the bloggers side, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get attention from the visitors of one of Sweden’s most trustworthy sites. Traffic from highly relevant articles on Nationalencyklopedin can also create streams of visitors to the blog in the future. The long-term value of a link in the Twingly widget on NE.se is hard to estimate but it gives definitely a longer lifetime to the blog post.

For Nationalencyklopedin the Blogstream Widget creates a context to their articles. Blog posts that gives the articles more life and trustworthiness. One of the things our customers see most value of with Blogstream are also the SEO aspect, which aren’t that strange since a often double increase of incoming blog links to their site thanks to widget of course creates better rankings in Google. For a site like NE.se with thousands of pages with great unique content, every link means more traffic from Google. But the most important aspect of the Blogstream widget is the links to highly relevant blog posts covering and discussing the topic of the NE.se article. Nationalencyklopedin have the possibility to moderate and decide to not show blog links in the widgets on their site, to make sure no spam or irrelevant blog posts will be shown.

NE.se also contains a lot more than the Encyclopedias articles. Last year they created a quiz called “Historiska figurer” (historical persons) that went really viral thanks to the virality in itself, of course people wanted to share their results on Facebook, Twitter etc, but also thanks to the simplicity in the quiz. Everyone can relate to our most loved historical persons – and over 250 000 people did the quiz!

This year they wanted to make a new quiz that also could be that viral and decided to launch “Fiktiva figurer” (fictitious persons). It have just been launched but over 200 000 people have already taken the quiz! Go check it out and try yourself, it just takes one minute. We’re also happy about the fact that they have the Twingly widget on the quizzes as well 😉

You can find the Twingly Blogstream widget of nearly all content on NE.se: the articles, the news stories and the quizzes. Make sure to try to link to them from your blog and encourage others to do the same. It’s a win-win-win for everyone if Sweden’s most loved and trustworthy Encyclopedia also have blog links on their site!

We would also like to grab the opportunity to congratulate Nationalencyklopedin to one of the best corporate blogs in Swedish, Kunskapsbloggen.se. It’s a great resource of knowledge and current discussion topics highly relevant to Nationalencyklopedin’s visitors and customers.

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