Sveriges Radio use Twingly links for starving DJ’s

The Swedish public radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio starts up with Twingly on their campaign site for Musikhjälpen, Musikhjälpen is a project with the purpose of collecting money to help refugees, that involves lots of music and famous Swedish artists.

A different twist on the charity theme is that three DJ’s will broadcast radio round the clock for six days in a row, from a special house made of glass, in the city center of Malmö. And the DJ’s aren’t allowed to eat any solid food, or leave the house. The connection between starving locked up DJ’s and the refugees of the world isn’t exactly clear to us, but we think Musikhjälpen is a nice project over all.

So get involved (Google Translate), all you music bloggers, as well as those of you who are interested in doing some good just a few weeks before Christmas!

Note: as we promised, has also joined as Twingly Partner since last week.

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