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We’ve had as a client since December 2008, and they originally launched Twingly Blogstream on their site as one of their first steps in introducing the brand to the social media world. As a follow up to our blog post a while back on Fashion Embracing Blogs, we’d thought we share with you all how Halens has used Twingly Blogstream as part of their social media strategy.

Freddy Sobin, E-commerce Director at Halens, says:

Twingly Blogstream is easy to install and has delivered positive results for us since day one. It has produced a positive word-of-mouth, increased brand preference, and significantly increased the number of blog posts, which has lead to more traffic and a strengthened SEO off page.

Check out the video below on how Blogstream was implemented on


Of course you can always check out their site to interact with the widget, here’s the link to the Platåsko (platform shoe) example in the video.

How has Halens maintained the Blogstream activity?

In addition to having the latest and most blogged about products featured on their site, commenting back to bloggers is one of the key factors that the social media strategy team at Halens uses in driving bloglink activity. It provides great feedback, positive word-of-mouth from the blogosphere as well as smart branding

How have the bloglink results been?

Halens launched Blogstream in December 2008 and has been able to maintain positive bloglink results (click the chart below for a better graph overview on the bloglink data per month).

After the Twingly Blogstream launch on their site as the first part of their social media strategy, Halens followed by launching their own blog, creating a Facebook fan page, Twitter and Bloggy accounts, as well as a YouTube channel.

Connect with Twingly Blogstream

On February 21st, New York Times wrote an article called, Selling a Celebrity Look.

“Print magazines often list stores where readers can buy the clothes shown in the magazine, but they appear in tiny print in the back. Identifying items celebrities wear has been a popular feature on fashion blogs … And very few use it as a way to bolster e-commerce and advertising revenue.”

As you all might know, Twingly has been quite popular here in Sweden in helping the fashion e-commerce world connect to the blogosphere via our Blogstream widget.

If you have navigated through our Enterprise section you’ll have found all the necessary information on how the widget technically works. Check out our full list of our other e-commerce partners here.

If you have an e-commerce site and have interest on how Blogstream can help connect your brand to the blogosphere, feel free to contact us at


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