Some useful microblog search tips

When you are using the microblog search for monitoring activity regarding your online identity you might be performing a search similar to “twingly“. However, if you are a frequent poster you will get a lot of posts that you have posted. It is easy to get rid of that, just make a search for: “twingly -from:twingly“. That way you get stuff where your name has been mentioned, but not the posts you have written.

This can be taken one step further to just return results where your name is mentioned, without being directed at you. “twingly -from:twingly -to:twingly“.

You can also narrow down the search result by adding a time span. “twingly -from:twingly -to:twingly since:2009-01-01 until:2009-01-07“, this would translate to “show me all microblog posts that contains the word twingly, but isn’t directed at twingly or sent from that user, posted sometime in the first week of 2009”.

The search result for the search phrase “@twingly” will include posts directed to the user “twingly”, but also those who just mentions that specific user.

In the microblogging sphere it is also quite common with something called “hashtags”. This is simply a way of labeling posts. To find posts with a specific hashtag, simply perform a search for the tag you are looking for. “#twingly” would bring you a search result with posts tagged with “twingly”

If you want to monitor these, you can do this via our RSS and email alert features. You find these options in the right side of the search result page as soon as you have performed a search. This will allow you to relax, while our system automatically will provide you with new search results.

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