Six Weeks, Four Interns, One mission: Push the edge of Blog Search

At Twingly we continously try to redefine what we do and the way we do it. This summer we are redefining what it means to be a summer intern: Be the Rockstar, Not the Peon.

Mission statement: You and your fellow team mates are to embark on an epic mission. During six weeks, you are the focal point of our company. You get the best tools, the best technology, the best knowledge and a huge pile of blog data to play with.

Your objective is to push the edge of blog search into what was previously thought impossible. Think bigger, do better. Bring the entire breadth of the global blogosphere into one interface, placing any blog in the world a mouse click away. Allow the user to explore a universe rather than scroll a list of result. Make it visual, make it interactive. Bring the user to amazing discoveries.

Oh, and you get six weeks. You better start right away.

Martin Källström
CEO Twingly

Follow the project on Starting from today, there will be a daily YouTube episode posted by the team at 6 PM GMT (10 AM in San Francisco, 19:00 in Stockholm).

Twingly Summer of Code Team 2008

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