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A few weeks ago we published an overview about all the things Twingly can do for your business. As you can read there, our main focus is and has always been to help websites such as online shops or media outlets to open up to the blogosphere and to connect with blogs in order to increase their reach and to offer additional context and information to their visitors. But in the past years, a second field of activity has been gaining importance for us: Providing media monitoring companies and other organisations with data from the blogosphere.

We figured that if we index the blogosphere for our blog search engine and our widget solutions connecting websites and blogs, we could use this data in order to enhance and improve companies’ knowledge about what’s hot and trending in blogs. So we launched our API offerings. Last year we explained in detail our offerings to media monitoring companies which comprises of three different APIs.

Our goal is to have the best blog data in Europe in terms of coverage, quality and immediacy.

So what are the aspects we are working on to provide our API clients with even more compelling and complete insights into the world of the blogosphere?

For one, in terms of overall coverage, we are since a couple of months back building new providers for local blog hosts in Europe with focus on the Nordic countries. In the graph below you can for example see that we deployed a provider for a Norwegian blog host in the beginning of October. We have also deployed one for Finland last week and you can spot that the Finnish data is about to increase.

Both in the above graph, for the Nordic countries, and in the graph below for Total, Swedish and English data you can see a big bump in the beginning of September. This is due to deployment of other different providers. They usually find, for us, unknown blogs and index them back in time and therefore the temporary increase of data. Apart from providers we have also built other indexing robots, which together with the providers widen our coverage over all. In the graph below for Total, Swedish and English data you can see that the average total amount of blog posts per day has increased from just above 500.000 per day to over 600.000 per day.

Another improvement has to do with immediacy. A lot of our customers desire to get new posts as soon as possible after being published. Therefore we have built a new indexing algorithm that looks at how often a blog publishes, categorizing it in different indexing cycles ranging from being indexed every 10 minutes to once every month. In this way we can index new blog posts much more efficiently. The glitch in the indexing in the beginning of November is due to deployment of this algorithm.

Having a closer look on the aggregated blog data also means that we at Twingly have lots of insights about different industries, areas of interest and trends. In order to show the potential of our data, we recently published two reports, one about the power of bloggers in the book e-commerce market, one about the power of bloggers within broadcasting and one about how blogging engages the fitness world. All were featured in different media outlets and blogs and can be downloaded here: twingly.com/reports

More than ever, data quality is our focus. We’re constantly adding new features, initiatives and providers to ensure that we are the best blog data service in Europe, and the world. Our product development is all based on customer feedback so if you have thoughts, ideas or a problem – please let us know. And if you aren’t being provided with blog data from Twingly yet, we would love to hear from you: info@twingly.com.

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