Open newsletter to our customers

This is a newsletter we sent to our Twingly Blogstream customers last week to inform them about some new products and possibilities.


We would like to ask for a moment of your time to present what is going on at Twingly and what additions to our line of products we are rolling out now and during the coming months.


I. New products available (with a great offer included!)
II. Updates to Twingly Blogstream and Administration Centre
III. Overall vision of Twingly’s products for newspaper, TV and magazine websites
IV. Outlook for the future


It is with great pride we would like to present three new products available from Twingly as of today:

1. Microblog Trackbacks in Twingly Blogstream

All the world is tweeting their hats off at the moment, using Twitter or similar microblog services. Why not encourage them to tweet about your content? Twingly is the only search engine in the world federating posts from a multitude of microblog services, including Twitter. We now leverage this advantage by allowing you to include microblog posts in Twingly Blogstream. Even links shortened by URL-minifiers present no problem for Twingly, which supports link expansion of nearly all URL shorteners in the world. Microblog posts linking to your content will become a new form of readership participation.

2. Twingly Related Media

Our most widespread product, Twingly Blogstream, pulls in blog posts linking to articles on your website. But some articles are published in the context of an ongoing debate, with valuable blog posts already available. To make posts in the existing context immediately available to your readers, Twingly Related Media provides whenever applicable a selection of the most relevant blog posts to present to the reader. Powerful context matching allows even blog posts not linking anywhere to be identified as related. This also makes it possible for smaller websites to provide relevant blog posts to present to the reader.

3. Twingly Blogwatch

At times it is attractive to show all blog posts mentioning a specific person, place or event. Twingly Blogwatch is a customizable widget showing a moderated search result of any search you can perform on The widget is continously updated with new content as new search result arrive, providing your readers with new insight into any topic you choose.

A GREAT OFFER FOR NEW AND EXISTING BLOGSTREAM CUSTOMERS: We are making these three new products available ***free of monthly charge*** to customers who already are or become Twingly Blogstream subscribers and sign up to the new products within three months from today. Signing up within three months will not imply any additional monthly charges outside your existing fees for Blogstream. Required is only a small setup fee of €290 per product installation.

If you are not a Blogstream customer and want to use any of the new products they are also available as standalone services. Contact us at for more information.


1. Search function in Twingly Administration Centre – The Twingly Administration Centre now has a search function that makes it easier to find old blog posts in order to answer questions from staff or bloggers.

2. Option to show only whitelisted blogs in Twingly Blogstream – As with pre-moderation, only applicable to specific usages, we now provide an option to only include posts from blogs that have been previously approved into the whitelisted sub-index of Twingly Blog Search that we carefully expand while keeping it virtually free from spam. The normal Twingly Blogstream service is also kept free from spam, therefore the option to show only whitelisted blogs is not necessary in most cases.

3. Language filtering in Twingly Blogstream – It is now possible to limit the languages that are allowed in Twingly Blogstream on your website. Contact us for more information.

4. Pre-moderation of Twingly Blogstream – Only applicable to very specific usages of Twingly Blogstream, there is now an option to use Twingly Blogstream in pre-moderated mode, which means that blog posts will not appear until they have been reviewed by the moderator.

5. Request for Feedback on Twingly Administration Centre – We are looking forward to an upcoming overhaul of the Twingly Administration Centre and we know that a lot of our users have been looking forward to this as well. If you have ideas about how to improve your experience let us know by emailing to


Our goal is, that by having Twingly as a supplier and partner you make sure that your website always stays on top of how the web evolves. Twingly will always provide you with strong, validated strategies for you being able to always perform at your best in the face of new opportunities.

These are our goals for developing products suited to our customers with newspapers, TV and magazine websites:

* Increasing readership and engagement by creating synergies between newspapers and all relevant forms of social media
* Creating a more satisfying experience for your readers by linking rich media related to your articles
* In the future providing direct revenue channels integrated into the products you are already using

In brief, our vision is: Engaged Readers + Rich Media Experience + Direct Revenue AND that with Twingly as a partner you will always stay on the leading edge of the evolution of social media.


Twingly integrates into your website as a window into the world of social media. The basic premise of our products is that through this window we are pulling as much of related media as possible to present in context with your editorial content. This creates a rich experience for your readers, increasing the attraction to your content.

Twingly is a strong participant in the evolution of how people consume media on the web. We will continue to build upon our existing platform to extend our offers as Twingly and the web as a whole continue to evolve.

If you have any comments, feedback or needs you believe that we can fulfill, do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to discuss the opportunities you see in relating to social media.

Best regards,
Martin Källström

CEO Twingly

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