Niclas Heurlin and Björn Jeffery new members of the board

We’re very pleased to welcome Niclas Heurlin and Björn Jeffery to our board of directors!

Niclas Heurlin has been CEO of inWarehouse and has a lot of experience of e-commerce business. He’s senior partner and founder of Enferno AB and is a member of Twingly’s, Ztorm’s and Yacht Equipments board of directors. We think his 20 years experience of strategical business development will be very important for Twingly’s future. He’s blogging about e-commerce at Enferno’s blog.

Björn Jeffery is CEO and strategist at Good Old and has earlier been working at SVT, Sydsvenskan and Göteborgs-Posten. Besides great knowledge of social media he has unique experience of media companies that we think will be very important for us. Björn is also founder of two of Sweden’s most popular blogs in their niches, Manolo and Discobelle. He is nowadays more active blogger at his blog Good Old Trend.

Niclas Heurlin, who’ve been co-opted of the board since last summer will now be permanent member and Björn Jeffery will be co-opted member until next annual meeting. The other permanent members of Twingly’s board of directors are Björn Milton (president of the board and founder), Niclas Wiström (founder) and Lars Hallenius (investor, Servisen Investment Management AB). Alternate members are Anders Lönnqvist (Servisen Investment Management AB) and Martin Källström (founder and CEO).

We welcome Björn and Niclas to the family and hope they will enjoy their stay!

5 thoughts on “Niclas Heurlin and Björn Jeffery new members of the board

  1. Johan Ronnestam March 18, 2009 / 9:50 am

    Great choice! I do hope other Swedish companies follow your initiative and look beyond age for competence!

  2. Sorosh Tavakoli March 18, 2009 / 8:15 pm

    Congrats to Twingly! Make sure you to use Björn as he’s got a lot of good stuff upstairs.
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  3. Tobias March 18, 2009 / 11:42 pm

    good choice, i hope that the German market continues to expand ach is interesting because the first good collaborations already exist

  4. Anton March 19, 2009 / 12:06 am

    @Sorosh: thanks! We will =)
    This comment was originally posted on ArcticStartup

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