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Charlotta BaltazarToday is my second day as a trainee at Twingly. I’m a first year student at Yrkeshögskolan Nackademin’s Interaction Design Education. This is a great qualification for students who are looking for an education with a close collaboration with the industry.

Before my studies I worked in the retail business for several years. I started off as a sales clerk and short after I advanced and became a store manager. Later on I worked as a retail manager, working with recruitment and establishment of new shops throughout Sweden. Besides my fulltime job I studied IT-related courses at the University and in this time I aroused a great interest for webdesign and HCI (Human Computer Interaction).

I often get the question- Why Interaction Design? The answer is that I have always had a great interest in art and design and to mix this creative interest with the logic of programming and my curiosity of the human system is for me a perfect combination! Besides at the same pace as the technological development the demand of good Interaction Design is increasing and to be a part of this evolution is a wonderful challange to me!

During my practise at Twingly I will put my earned knowledge within webdesign and HCI to work. Under the supervision of the experienced team here my first assignment is to redesign the site Twingly Live.

I am highly convinced that I will earn a big amount of knowledge during my practise at Twingly and I am really excited to be here. Looking forward to 2 months of practise at the company, starting now! 🙂

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-Charlotta Baltazar

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