Looking forward to a bright 2015

Our Blog has been quiet for a while but with a new year to come we feel it’s about time to wake it up and give you a Twingly update.

In our opinion, blogs as a medium has found its place in the social media landscape. Facebook is more and more looking like a news flow of commercial ads. Although Twitter and Instagram are great mediums for expressing short opinions or thoughts, the blog offers a platform where the owner can elaborate on the subject and really explain why they have a certain opinion or thought about something. The blog offers space to express why a blogger likes a certain jacket for example, not only that they like it. The fact that a blog post gets indexed by search engines like Google and can be found later, makes the opinion expressed more sticky compared to other social platforms. That means more people over time can read the review of the jacket.

More companies tend to understand the value of blogs and look for bloggers to cooperate with about campaigns and blogger outreach regarding products and brands. We at Twingly have worked with blogs for over 7 years now and noticed that companies have a hard time finding the right bloggers for the right subject. Therefore during 2013 we started building a tool to make our blog data accessible in a usable way for more companies. A Blog Relationship Manager (BRM) tool that will help, especially eCommerce, to find the right bloggers for their brand and manage them in an easy way.

Since we are managing large sets of data there are a lot of challenges in the development to get all the bits and bytes right. But the progress has been good and we have at beta tool used by a quite large number of our customers today. The feedback has been positive and confirms that we are on the right path with our BRM tool.

And therefore we made the BRM beta trial available for everyone, you find the signup here: Blog Relationship Manager

This is a big step on a new and fun journey for Twingly that we all are looking forward to, and we hope to have you on-board on that journey too.

We wish you a Happy New Year!


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