Link to from your blog and get traffic back

The number of e-commerce sites using the Twingly eTrade widget is increasing steadily, and for good reason: The solution encourages bloggers to link to online shopping sites since that creates a backlink back to their blog. Everyone wins, including customers of e-commerce platforms who can access additional information and reviews about products.

Today we proudly announce anouther Twingly e-commerce partner: MQ, one of Sweden’s leading clothing stores for women and men. From now on each product profile on includes the Twingly widget (like here, click on the Twingly logo to the right) and shows blog posts linking to the particular item. If you run a fashion blog make sure you are linking to products at regularly (and to Ping us about it).

For more examples of e-commerce sites that have partnered with us, read “How e-commerce sites use Twingly

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