Largest Norwegian media site launches Twingly Blogstream

Woho! We’re delighted to announce that the largest website in Norway VG Nett launched Twingly Blogstream on their site today. They have more than 2.5 million unique visitors each week.

Rene Svendsen, managing editor at VG Nett, explains why the newspaper chooses to publish blog links on their web site:

“We believe that the articles on VG Nett enriches by showing links to good blog posts on same topic that the article deal with. There are many clever bloggers out there and we wish to give them more attention”

Now we have the two largest Norwegian newspapers as partners. Norway feels like a really good market for us at Twingly. Blogs understand how our service works and both and like it from their side too. From our Swedish experience, we also learnt that it is beneficial for all parties when two of the largest media sites within a country starts using Twingly. The bloggers learn how to use Twingly and can link to different sources. Therefore the linking increases in general and both the newspapers and the bloggers benefits from it.

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