Lärarnas Nyheter new partner in Sweden

Today Lärarnas Nyheter launched a new site and they’ve chosen to integrate Twingly Blogstream to link back to blogs. It is a news site by 15 different magazines and newspapers for teachers in Sweden.

We think it looks really good, so don’t forget to check it out and to blog about their articles too! You can also follow Lärarnas Nyheter on Twitter.

Lotta Holmström at Lärarnas Nyheter says:

“For us it is only natural to invite contributions and debate on our web site. Twingly blog links is a great way to encourage bloggers to write about us, while at the same time giving web traffic back to them. We also highlight a selection of really great teacher bloggers by publishing their picture and quote when they write something particularly interesting.”

We are very happy to add Lärarnas Nyheter to the list of websites using Twingly to link back to blogs.

2 thoughts on “Lärarnas Nyheter new partner in Sweden

  1. Farstars June 2, 2010 / 1:50 pm

    Hi… is this “News for the Audience”? We’re “new” and “audience” . If so .. we’re doing a little test here foremost to welcome ourselves to this twingy-thingy and also to see what we look like and how and where to find our profile

    i mean surely it must live here somewhere .. we’re logged on and all ..

    BTW – does this twingy-thingy work in conjunction with myspace? we tried asking that on the feedback-thingy-twingy. but i didnt let us 🙁 Sad Stars

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