Interview with Rob Begg from Radian6

Note: we did this interview with Radian6 Director of Product Marketing Rob Begg last week. Today Radian6 was acquired by Salesforce for about $326 Million. A huge congrats from us at Twingly!

We are happy to have Radian6, the worlds leading Social Media Monitoring firm as one of our clients, using Twingly blog data to increase the value of its products. Rob Begg is the Director of Product Marketing at the Canada-based company and explains how they managed to get that successful.

Hello Rob. Radian6 was founded in 2006 and launched in 2007 – today you are the leading Social Media Monitoring firm in the world despite a lot of competition. How did you manage to achieve that?
We believe that our growth and success is due in large part to our commitment to research and development. We are always working on ways to improve and expand our offerings. The feedback we receive from our customers is extremely important to us and helps fuel some of our new developments and updates.

Which companies or individuals benefit from your services?
Radian6 currently has over 2,500 clients from a variety of industries: higher education, technology, healthcare, non-profits, manufacturing, consulting, and many more. Our client base spans the globe with Canada and the US figuring prominently in the mix. Client size ranges from smaller regional businesses to global corporations, and all sizes in between. Over half of the Fortune 100 use Radian6. Our clients include Dell Computers, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, The American Red Cross, and UPS.

How important is the monitoring of what’s being said in the blogosphere for your customers?
Blogs are a very important part of the online conversations that are taking place around our customers’ brands and products. It is essential that clients have a complete picture of the social conversations happening around their brand and many of these conversations happen on blogs.

What are you thoughts on the future of social media?
There is no doubt that social media will continue to grow and shape the world in which we live. It has dramatically changed the way the business world functions. Facebook and Twitter have certainly been on the forefront of this transformation and I expect that they will continue to be leaders in this space.

Do you personally read blogs? Which ones are your favourites?
I read Chris Brogan for honesty and practical thinking, our own Amber Naslund and her co-blogger Tamsen McMahon at Brass Tack Thinking as well as Brian Solis. In the past I used to be in the Interactive TV business so I love keeping up with the ITVT blog. And since I’m an indie music nut I regularly check TwentyFourBit.

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