IDG joins the Twinglysphere today

IDG in Sweden is the latest addition to the Twinglysphere, using Twingly Blogstream to link back to the blogs that are linking to their articles. IDG publishes more than 300 magazines and newspapers in 85 countries.

They are also the first site to use the new widget technology which is very easy to integrate and manage. A widget is just a piece of HTML-code that is added to a page template which is a swift way to get new functionality on a website. By using Twingly Blogstream as a widget, there is no need for any extra coding, just copy and paste. This makes it possible for any website to use Twingly within only a couple of hours.

IDG will not only use Twingly on but on all of their publication’s websites in Sweden, as Internetworld, Cap & Design etc. Other publications using Twingly are for instance the two major Swedish morning dailies Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet.

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